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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gilmore Girls,Dexter and The Final Four twist on Project Runway

First off,I'm happy to say that my girl Uli finally won a challenge,yah! She was smart to completely re-do her dress after seeing how too loosey-goosey it was. It was rather vexing for her to have snatched up Nazri from Michael but hey,thems the brakes,people!

The big twist was that all four contestants got to go to Fashion Week,even the evil Jeffrey. His dress looked awful-Heidi rightly called it a milkmaid outfit. The Final Four,as part of the challenge,were supposed to select three words that defined their style. Jeffrey's words were "provocative,irreverent and romantic". Romantic? Maybe it's me but if that lame pseudo Snow White/Bo Peep combo nightie number is his idea of romantic,I pity his girlfriend on Valentine's Day.

Next week is the Big Reunion show,with Keith making an appearance to bitch about being kicked out. Aww,poor baby-cheaters never prosper and whiners are worse!

Gilmore Girls made it's seventh season debut this week,with Lorelai trying to make a clean break of things with Luke and Rory already pining for Logan(guys named Logan are trouble-just ask Veronica Mars!)who left her a rocketship as a parting gift. Cute,but some flowers with that model toy would've been nice,buddy! I know many of the longtime fans are ready to give up on the show after a rocky Season 6 ,plus the original creators of GG,Amy Sherman-Palladino and husband Daniel have flown the coop.

But,guys,the show needs you now more than ever! Give the new people a chance-they're cleaning up the debris left by last year's bunch and it's not like that last season of Roseanne,where the Connors won the lottery and had zany adventures that turned out to be only a grief induced dream(what crap-I can't even watch the reruns of those shows on Nick at Nite)that the widow Roseanne wrote up as a book! There are some good funny moments,like Sookie whupping Michel in arm wrestling,Paris becoming an SAT prep tutor("a dream to some...a nightmare to OTHERS!"-name that movie qoute!)and Kirk screwing up another one of Taylor's needless improvements.

I'm going to stick around,since I've never watched a fresh season of GG. Also,I have to see how the Richard and Emily stuff is done in order to make a clear decision about how this season is going to be. If the new crew can pull off a Friday Night Dinner,I think things will be just fine.

Showtime will be airing a sinister new series in October called Dexter,about a blood splatter expert who hunts down serial killers and slaughters them in his spare time. Seems that his foster dad,who was also a cop,caught on to his boy's natural tendancies early on and steered him towards using his abilities only on those who deserved it. The series is based on Jeff Lindsey's novel,Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

Even if,like me,you don't have Showtime,you can still watch the premiere episode online by clicking the title link above(the password is "sneakpeak"). Six Feet Under's Michael C. Hall plays the lead and Julie Benz(Darla from Buffy/Angel)is his emotionally damaged girlfriend with two kids that Dexter adores. It's a well done wild ride that made me stay up late last night,reading the book to find out what happens. Dexter looks like a winner-wish Showtime did more shows like that than Weeds and Huff.

Random Notes:

Nip/Tuck: One thing about this show is that it's never boring. Just look at what went down this week-we had Melissa Gilbert trying to cover up her hot n' heavy peanut butter lovin' with her dog,Liz's date kidnapping her kidney,Christian getting some blackmail sexers from Michelle and Sean tripping hardcore after eating one of those "hash" brownies of Monica's. There was more than weed in that mix for Sean to see old Season 1 friends and foes! Next week,Christian may have to sleep with Rosie O'Donnell for some do-re-mi to pay off Jackie Bisset and Kimber hooks up with Matt.

Smallville: The season premiere is on tonight and we get to see how Clark finds his Get Out Of The Phantom Zone Free card. James Marsters has been rumored to make an appearance but it's not a sure thing. We'll be seeing JM on the big screen however as word has it that he's been cast in P.S. I Love You with Hilary Swank(who was in the original Buffy movie). So,we'll just have to sit back and watch the Clark Vs. Zod Match instead.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The second episode was good but not great. The "cold open" that was dreamed up reminded me of Conan O'Brian's Emmy show musical number, which was alot funnier. I'll still watch but if more skits from the show within the show are presented,they need to be funnier than what's currently on SNL.

And finally,I will really regret not seeing the Office tonight(move it back to 9:30,NBC!)due to the Smallville premiere,especially after last week's debut. Such damn funny writing and great ensemble work-check it out for yourselves:


Pop Culture Diva said...

I absolutely loved the surprise ending on Project Runway. They all deserve to go even though I was okay with evil Jeffrey and his freaky neck hitting the road. I'm disappointed that we have to wait so long for the final episode. However, the reunion could be fun. I love the previews that show Malan and his demonic laugh. Too much!

lady t said...

Hopefully,Jeffrey will be kicked to the curb and it looks like he faces off with Angela again about her mom's dress-duh da dum!