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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We interrupt this blog for an annoying commerical announcement

Afraid I have a pressing engagement today,so this entry will be a tad brief. This Friday,I'm guest blogging at The Written Nerd(please click the title link above for more info),which is helmed by Book Nerd,an indie bookseller out in BROOKLYN!(hey,my dad was born in Brooklyn,so I gotta represent). My topic is about book genres and how they are perceived. Yes,I defend Chick Lit yet again but hopefully will not be just a Repeat-O Girl and sound a little smart.

The Written Nerd is another great blog that folks should check out;there's plenty of book reviews and talk about the state of independant bookselling/publishing.BN also is rather active in encouraging folks to be more involved with indie bookselling and was recently at the Brooklyn Book Festival last weekend. My thanks to her for giving me another place to shoot my mouth off.

Don't think that means I'm not posting on Friday here at LRG,because I am(about what yet,I don't know)! See you all tomorrow for some TV talk and speaking of TV,wouldn't this make a great show for the CW or Fox?:


Anonymous said...

Good luck on Book Nerd! We'll be tuning in.

PJS said...

Enjoy your moonlighting!

lady t said...

Thanks,guys! Oh,and here at LRG,I'll have an interview with Janet Fitch,author of White Oleander and Paint It Black,on Friday. See,a double dose of Blogger Goodness:)