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Friday, October 31, 2008

Some musical tricks or treats for your Halloween party

Happy Halloween,folks! Tonight is the night to dress up as wacky as you want and have a little fun(just not as much fun as the Philadelphia Phillies fans did after the World Series recently,okay?).

To help you plan your Horror Night festivities,I've dug up a few holiday themed tunes to play during your party or haunted house tour. Most people just go right for the obvious like "Thriller" or "Monster Mash",which is fine,but this is definitely the time to think outside of the box,don't you think?


This electronic tribute to one of Alfred Hitchcock's most memorable villains is most deadly with it's repetitive lyrics("my name is Norman Bates/I'm just a normal guy")and the spooky mansion in which the Janet Leigh lookalike runs around is more Rocky Horror than the Bates Motel,but one thing this song does deliver on is the creepy:


This band did exist and whether or not this song is meant to be a joke is a terrifying topic for debate. The video basically has the band trapped out in the fake woods about to be attacked by shanky party girls and zombie caterers. This song came out a few years before the first Pumpkinhead movie,so the mystery guest star appearance is strictly a coincidence:


You could say that having Ozzy Osbourne become a werewolf is pretty much typecasting at it's best and worst. To be fair,this plot of this video is more along the lines of "What would happen if Ozzy starred in one of those old school Hammer horror movies?" They throw just about everything in,along with the bloody kitchen sink of cliches,the scary hallway chase:


No,this is not an Anne Rice tribute-Annie Lennox sang this dark little ditty for the overblown Bram Stroker's Dracula film Francis Ford Coppola gave us back in 1992.
Annie's voice is perfectly haunting here but Coppola could have taken a few other hints for the movie from her look and tone of the video. See,Francis,you don't have to gild the lily(or make your actors wear overly puffy laced costumes)to make things look good and ghoulish:


I saved the scariest for last,the Backstreet Boys and their trip thru the Universal Studios Classic Monsters line-up. The most terrifying thing about this video(besides the guy playing the Mummy asking "Am I sexual?")is that the make-up and special effects are actually well done. I hate to say this but I kind of like this damn thing*shuddering at the thought*. If that isn't scary enough to admit,I don't know what else is! Hope your Halloween is not as frightening,folks:

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