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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some other scary pop culture faces for Halloween

It's getting near the end of October,which means that ideas for Halloween costumes are desperately needed for the undecided. Budget is an issue,but more importantly,so is originality.

Let's face it,tons of folks are going to dress up like the Joker this year,not to mention whatever political figure they favor the most(or the least).

There's nothing wrong with being whatever fantasy character you want to be on All Hallow's Eve,even if your pick is a very popular one. However,for those of you who want to stand out a little bit more from the crowd,here are a few fun suggestions that will be clearly different from the rest:


The new queen of vapidity on Bravo has just ended her series,but she can still haunt your fashion dreams this year. You don't have to have designer duds to become Rachel Zoe;she's all about vintage wear,especially from the 1970's. Either hit a decent thrift store or raid the closet of a good friend who hasn't updated their wardrobe since ABBA broke up.

The main essentials for a Rachel Zoe costume are a pair of sunglasses that resembled tinted space alien eyes,a big blonde,Farrah from Charlie's Angels wig and either a fake fur or leopard print to wear(bonus points if you do both). Also,use as many of Rachel's "Zoe-isms" as you can. Instead of "trick or treat",say " I.DIE." or "Shut it down!" Your friends can dress up like members of Rachel's entourage such as Taylor(unbrushed blonde hair and a bitchy attitude),Brad(bow tie and a box of tissues for the many tears shed)or Rodger(bad hair that may or may not be a toupee).


I know that I pick on her too much,but she is perfect for Halloween. Every day is a costume day for Kenley;like RZ,she's into vintage wear but with a 1950s,Betty page vibe to her look.

All you need is a black wig with flowers or feather clips in it,a skirt with lots of crinoline showing and a ready to wear sneer on your face when constructive criticism of your work starts to flare up. It also helps to giggle aloud at other people's failures,particularly if they are standing right next to you and to whine when it's pointed out that your clothes resemble other outfits that are already available elsewhere.


This wannabe British shock comic has the right low budget look for any guy this Halloween. All you have to have is dark,greasy hair with a serious case of bed head,an unshaven face and loud,disco type of clothes. A drunken-but-not-really-drunk English accent completes the package with tasteless jokes about the Jonas Brothers not being a mandatory requirement.


This idea is practically tailor made for guys who need to pull together a last minute costume. The most you might need is a wig,depending on which movie you chose your look from,and maybe a prop or two(for example,a fake ID and dark framed eyeglasses if you plan to be McLovin). Clean clothes would be nice,not to mention better smelling.


Britney's new video has just hit the airwaves and while it may be too early to tell if she's successful with her career relaunch,it does provide a plethora of costume ideas for women wanting to release their inner sex kitten.

Britney's many persona on display here include a saucy chauffeur,a slinky office worker rocking the black and white stripe style and a tight vested,tattooed waitress,all looks that can be easily copied for a reasonable price.

The only Womanizer ensemble I would advise against is the steam bath one,which is literally nothing at all. The weather's getting mighty cold these days! It doesn't matter if you don't know what the word womanizer means,since Britney doesn't seem to either:

I hope these hints are helpful for your Halloween dress-up and whatever you chose to become,just make sure that your look is good enough to get candy as your trick or treat and not a rock:

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