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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Top Design has Andrea seeing the light,True Blood and Heroes' Papa Petrelli is back in town

We got a break from the odd styling choices of Judge Kelly on Top Design,as another special quest star took her place at the panel,Simon Doonan. Simon added a subtle bit of snark and insight to this episode,which had more than one person getting an illuminating experience.

The big challenge this week was to design a room around a very high end chandelier,with a pretty big budget to work with of $22,000 dollars. Immunity was granted to one of the designers via a Pop Design challenge,plus a bonus advantage of being allowed to decide in what order everyone else would get to pick their chandelier.

Eddie won both of those prizes and it was a good thing for him,due to the judges being less than impressed with his so-called "modern" dining room. That room suited the sleekly boxed chandelier that he had picked like a steak dinner at a PETA charity event-all the way wrong.

Also,Eddie's snarky little attitude is making Kenley from PR look not so bad. His constant quips about how he doesn't care about what the judges think and how wonderfully grand it is to be in presence of Martha Stewart has me saying"Hey,pal,if you liked your job at Martha's and don't want any criticism,what the hell are you doing here?!"

Preston did very well here,despite having the last pick of lighting pieces and for the second week in a row,won the challenge. I did like his hotel lounge room,but would have displayed that glittery bell against the blackened part of the wall.

Judge Margaret pointed out that the mirror on the opposite side was hung at the same eye level as the chandelier was,which is a tad too symmetrical. Fortunately,that didn't take away any points from his work.

The big drama this round came down to Ondine and Andrea's rooms;Ondine had designed a "world traveler's bedroom" that made her chandelier appear as an afterthought. The judges all found it to be too dark and fussy(in my opinion,she should have picked a smaller bed. The huge one she had in there overwhelmed the space)and were more than willing to send her home.

However,Andrea had a mini-breakdown during the Judges' Panel and said she was wanting to go home to her family. Her room wasn't half bad,she made the best display of her unusual lighting piece by selecting wall paper that accented it's green glow.

Her major flaw was in the accessories(which also hampered her in the Pop Design task). The room was supposed to be "Hollywood glamor" but that big white bowl of flowers on the coffee table kind of killed the mood. The judges gave Andrea a choice of either staying or going,which would decide Ondine's fate.

Andrea hemmed and hawed but finally chose to go home. As much as I understand Andrea's longing for her loved ones,she did come off a wee bit whiny at times. Well,I just hope that Eddie doesn't get immunity anymore because he is just getting to be too jerky and not talented enough to take anymore.

Sookie and Bill got to consummate their passion on True Blood this week,with both parties being mighty pleased with the outcome. Too bad that Sookie also had some nasty flashbacks about the inappropriate attentions of her Uncle Bartlett during her afterglow time in the bathtub with Bill.

She really ought to think before she tells her vampire lover all about the folks who did her wrong in life. The man was raised in an era of chivalry and old habits do die hard,with a vengeance:

BATH TUB CONFESSIONS(slight nudity,you have been warned)


Heroes has been growing more darker and more interesting with each episode this season and this week's show brought us quite the Big Bad here. Robert Forester made his debut as Arthur Petrelli,the presumed dead patriarch of the clan(methinks Angela had something to do with that comatose state he's been in).

Arthur's ability seems to be similar to that of Peter's,only with more lethal results to some rather than others. Goodbye,Adam and hello,Big Bad Dad!:


UGLY BETTY: Lindsey Lohan is really trying to extend her stay at Mode,as former high school rival Kimmie who persuades Betty to help her raise her low self esteem by being her new BFF. Betty should know better by now,once a mean girl,always a mean girl!:

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