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Friday, October 17, 2008

Time for a group sing along!

With the state of things as they are in the world right now,this seems like a very ripe time for musicals. So,to give everyone a nice boost for the weekend,I thought it would be fun to look at a few of my favorite musical numbers that are group sing alongs.

Just about every full length musical has at least one scene where everyone present bursts into song as part of the collective whole(sounds a little like the Borg,doesn't it?). They fall into several categories,which we'll take a look at one by one:


Set up songs are at the beginning,to create the atmosphere that the characters will be working out their plot points in. A good set up song also invokes the main thread of the story that the leading lady and man will be pursuing towards the finale. Many of the musical Disney animated films offer prime examples,as this one from Beauty and The Beast:

The musical version of Little Shop Of Horrors has a humorous yet touching intro to the humdrum existence that Seymour and Audrey long to escape from in Skid Row:


This is the tune where a decisive course of action is chosen by characters who are tired of all of the chaos going on all around them and want to get things back on track. Sometimes,it can be a snappy,upbeat song as when the boys of South Park ask "What Would Brian Boitano Do?":

Or it could a somber,reluctant"let's get this over with" melody like this one where Buffy and company choose to "Walk Thru The Fire":


Just before a big dramatic highpoint in the story,a number of characters start to get ready for what's to come while others plot to spring their own particular surprise on the rest. In Dr. Horrible's Sing along Blog, the perfect story was getting under way in"So They Say":

Not Another Teen Movie wasn't a musical but they did toss in a nifty version of a prelude song into their pot of parody stew with "Prom Tonight"(a little bit raunchy,you have been warned):


Finally,here is a song that lets two seemingly opposing forces blend together to work in pitch perfect harmony. In Xanadu,plans for a nightclub based on two different eras in time are hashed out and turn out to have in common than imagined due to everyone want to do some "Dancin'":

Bride and Prejudice showcases not only two people from different cultures falling in love but a blending of Hollywood and Bollywood as well,with very little translation required:

Hope all of these ditties help to boost your spirits as we go long together thru life during these topsy-turvy days. Oh,and if you're looking for some low cost entertainment,try working on your "Bend And Snap". It does get results!:

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Ladytink_534 said...

Love Beauty and the Beast and I should really should re-watch Buffy... James Marsters is so gorgeous and has a gorgeius voice too. I used to have a CD from when he was in a band.