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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Have a Holly,Jolly Pre-Christmas music jamboree!

Tis the day before the Night Before Christmas and since I plan to take a three day holiday from the blog this year,I thought it would be nice to give you all the gift of music.

Whether this mix of merry sounds offers you some toe tapping background tunes during your last minute preparations or a bit of Yuletide fun,there should be something for just about everyone to groove to under the mistletoe here.

First up on the LRG holiday play list is "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses,with this little homemade video homage to this funky modern spirit of the season sing-a-along making it's annual presence once again.

Not only is the song great,but the mix of toothpick animation,synchronized light up wall decoration and a leading lip synchtress who I swear resembles Pam from The Office all add up to a nifty bit of small scale holiday bliss:

This next number is quite the find;back in the days when celebs loved raising money for Comic Relief,the British version of this charitable event managed to recruit Kim Wilde(yep,the "Kids in America" singer herself)and comedian Mel Smith for a take on "Rocking around the Christmas Tree".

Kim does a good job with the vocals and the rest of it is your typically wacky English humor,which is a jolly good show,indeed:

Returning to the States,here's a clip from the Soul Train Christmas Special that showcases the skills of Take 6,who blend two great songs together-"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Carol of the Bells"-to give the audience a harmonious holiday treat for the ears:

And it's back to Britain,I think,as Paul McCartney and Wings are simply having a "Wonderful Christmas Time". The setting does look like it's in England and there is quite a bit of odd imagery,what with the random animated sparkles and goofing around of the band.

The best of the strangeness here is when the giant gift wrapped box floats down from the sky and blows up real good in front of the bar,releasing the band to rock out for the patrons already packed in the place. Talk about the perfect landing there!:

To wrap this all up in a tidy bow,we have a rendition of "O Christmas Tree" from the Claymation Christmas special made lo these many moons ago. This clip takes the viewer on a mini journey into the gatherings about the title spruce,from eager kids waiting for presents to Santa and Mrs. Claus spending some well deserved time together. Beyond nice,in my opinion:

Happy Holidays to one and all,and we'll be back next week to start getting ready for New Year's Eve so be sure to have your dance routines ready if you want that party platform built for you:

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Unknown said...

Hello, thank you for all these videos of Christmas.
Joyous celebrations of France (thank you Kim Wilde) JPaul