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Friday, August 18, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen,the winner of the Oscar for Best Song of 2006 is...

I have to admit that the hype for Snakes on a Plane turned me off to it but this theme song made me do a 180 degree reversal:

It reminds me of a time when movie songs were fun little dittys,delighting in the buttery popcorn pop music that played over the closing credits. A time when songs from movies like Mannequin and Rocky III could be Top Forty Hits and major Oscar nominees:

It used to be easy to predict who would win Best Song on the Academy Awards;usually the one that was played so often you could recite the lyrics in your sleep got the Golden Boy. For awhile,there was a nice streak of Disney film songs that dominated the playing field and that was fine(except for Phil Collins' Tarzan number beating out the South Park song-not cool,Zeus!). Nowdays,the Song catagory makes you go"Who the hell is that?" rather than"Yeah,knew that one would be there."

I'm all for not favoring the obvious and giving lesser known stuff a fair shot but last year,there were only three songs up for Best Song,three! The pickings were that slim,folks. I know the Academy takes about a decade or so to get with it yet if Eminem can win an award(too bad he wasn't actually there to recieve from Barbara Streisand,that would've been classic)and "It's hard out here for a pimp" can as well,we should be able to have five songs vieing for the Oscar next year and the Snakes on a Plane song should be one of them.

I used to enjoy getting the soundtrack to movies-one of my favorites is Prince's Batman album and those videos were too much,especially Batdance. That is one of strangest,most over the top musicial numbers I've ever seen and yet,Prince looks cool as Gemini:

Maybe I'm just getting older and not that into new music(whenever MTV or Fuse is one,nine times out of ten I wind up asking Little Sister what band is playing)but I haven't been interested in any movie related tunes for a long time. The last soundtrack added to my collection was the one for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Back in the day,it seemed like everyone grooved to movie tunes from the likes of Pretty Woman,Speed and The Bodyguard. We've had some revival of that with the success of Chicago(which is actually the last movie soundtrack I've bought,come to think of it) and Moulin Rouge but it would be nice to see more of that reflected in a non musical film.

So,it's not too early to campaign for SOAP to be nominated for Best Song-come on,internet people! If you can make Samuel L. Jackson say"I'm tired of these mother fuckin' snakes on this mother fuckin' plane!",you can rally around this song to be honored by the industry. That way,we can have more kickass movie/music tie-ins like this one:


Anonymous said...

Oh, if only. Just hearing that line "I'm tired of . . ." makes me smile. I agree that the pickings at the Oscars have gotten mighty slim. Good luck with your campaign.

And I really wish you hadn't mentioned "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp." After seeing that movie (which I really enjoyed), that song has been stuck in my head more times than I can bear. Now I'm going to have to drown it out with something else. Maybe SOAP?

Jake McCafferty said...

I like Samuel L. Jackson, but I hate snakes -- so I'll have to miss this movie.

I had a great-uncle who called snakes "Mr. Satan No-Shoulders." I have to agree.

lady t said...

Don't worry,Robin-SOAP's been playing in my head for awhile so it should drown that Hustle & Flow tune like it was onboard the Titanic:)

Hey,Jake-you and Indy Jones with the snakes there,quite a match up! Mr. Satan No-Shoulders,have to remember that one.

RC said...

that'd be pretty crazy and cool if this song got nominated.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

lady t said...

It would be cool,RC-I want to see them perform this song on Oscar night,with snakes raining down on the audience and Sam the man saying THE line just before they start:)