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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Some Pop Culture Complaints

Every now and then,I can't help but grumble at some of the insanity inflicted on our entertainment/pop culture hungry souls. Yes,I know there's more pressing probelms in the world today but instead of getting worked up over something that I can't control,I'd much rather stew about stuff that doesn't decide the fate of humanity.

For example,why are they releasing yet another "Extended Edition" of the Lord of the Rings films? Haven't they put out about a dozen or so of these by now? Do we really have to see extra behind-the-scenes footage of Gollum blowing his nose or Legolas tying his shoes? Don't get me wrong,I love LOTR but am quite satisfied with the theaterical versions I bought on DVD(mainly due to the studio releasing the bare bones DVDs first).

And it's cool to have special editions but just many are necessary for one set of films? It's getting to the point where I'm starting to agree with Randal here:

Also,there's rumor going around that Katherine McPhee is in the running for the lead in Wonder Woman. Please,why,why say stuff like that? Isn't it bad enough that Constantine is about to do a Broadway run of The Wedding Singer(Sebastian Bach better watch his back!)? I sincerely doubt that Joss Whedon would even consider her for the part but I couldn't stand McPhee when she was on American Idol and hate to see more press on her. The only good thing that came out of "McPheever" was the jumpstart to K.T. Tunstall's career via Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. I'd rather hear more about K. T. than Kat anyday of the week:

And finally,Major Victory was kicked to the curb on last week's Who Wants to be a Superhero and Stan Lee's reason for that? MV's too funny-"almost like a parody of a superhero"-yeah,Stan,that's why we like him! It's not like you haven't created superheroes who don't toss in some quips as they save the day. All we're left with is Fat Momma(who broke down and had a crying fit in the bathroom,saying she wanted out so that Feedback wouldn't be heartbroken)and Feedback who takes this whole thing more seriously than the U.N. does about war in the Middle East.

I know this is a just a goofy show but part of the fun is watching this big hunk of ham strut his stuff. Plus, one of the prizes for the winner is an appearance in a Sci-Fi Channel Movie(a dubious honor in and of itself)and wouldn't it be great to see this guy fighting some mutated alien/monster/insect creature?


Anonymous said...

Oh, please let Wonder Woman be worthy. PLEASE!!!

PJS said...

Wow, Constantine must be, like, fifteen-hundred years old by now.

lady t said...

I'm hoping for a good WW,too-ten to one,Joss will select an unknown actress for the part. Hey,it worked for Superman twice!

Depends on which Constantine you mean,Parley-my preference would be for John Constantine rather than the American Idol prettyboy who butchered Bohemian Rhapsody:)

PJS said...

Oh, I totally thought you meant the one that converted Rome to Christianity.

My bad.