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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Calendar Chaos;What to choose,what to choose?

One of the signs that summer is due to be over is the appearance of calendars for next year cropping at bookstores and this actually is the best time of year to get them. Why,you may ask? Let me clue you in,friends-bookstores order calendars in bulk months in advance and the vast majority are shipped in the summer. If you wait until December 27 to see if that Cuddly Kittens of Costco desk calendar you want is available,it might not be and it might not be available for re-order either.

It may seem nuts to think about getting a new calendar now but trust me,if you want a good one and/or there's a certain type you must have,strike while the iron's hot. For me,it's simply a pick of wall calendars. Page a days are cute but too messy for my needs and engagement calendars(those primitive versions of a Blackberry)are neat but,again,useless for me.

For the past two years,I've been using Alex Ross Mythology calenders-Alex Ross is a phemoneonal comics and graphic novel artist who makes photorealistic versions of some of the classic superheroes(his best known work is Kingdom Come)and a collection of his designs came out in a book,which the calendars are based. It's great stuff but I think it's time to change things up a bit.

So,what do I select to represent 2007? It's more important than you'd think. Remember,this is something you'll be looking at for an ENTIRE year and if you have a favorite month,is it wise to have a picture showcasing it that doesn't reflect your feelings? Also,trends change rather quickly and what may have looked cool in January may make you feel ill by the time July 4th rolls around.

Themes are tricky-do I want cute,funny,sexy? Should I go for a favorite author/tv show/movie? Remember the good old days when you could get a free calendar at any corner store? The choices these days are numerous-there is literally a calendar for anything and everything in the known universe.

Little Sister was luckier than me this year- right at the Tom Goes to the Mayor website,you can buy a Married Newsteam calendar that comes with a free TGTM button and sticker with purchase(just click the title link if you want one of your very own). It's great when you see the perfect item that will complete just the very spot in your life that you needed to fill. I know I'll find my calendar for 2007 out there somewhere and it'll be like the porridge Goldilocks chose. I just have to keep my eyes wide open.

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