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Thursday, August 03, 2006

30 Days in India,Keith is packed off Project Runway and Who Wants to be a Superhero?

I've been skipping Nightmares and Dreamscapes lately to catch Morgan Spurlock's 30 days,F/X's other social experiment. Last night,an American whose job was out sourced to India went to Bangalore to see how the people who now have his job live. It was a pretty interesting show,especially involving the host family the outsourced guy was living with. The husband was not pleased about his wife getting work outside the home and ,at one point, kept crabbing at her"Where's my cup of tea?" I yelled at the screen"Get your own damn tea!" They made nice at the end but even their guest asked them not to fight as they exchanged good byes.

Next week,an atheist woman is going to live with fundamental Christians,which should be fun! Maybe Mel Gibson can make a guest appearance-just keep him away from the tequila and the car keys! Ok,enough of that-done with Mel jokes,I swear.

On Project Runway,Keith was busted for having pattern books(a clear violation of the rules)and for sneaking off to get help from the internet. Personally,I'm glad they could get rid of him as soon as they could,he was such a jerk. I was surpised at Angela being chosen as a team leader-the only reason her design did as well as it did was due to Laura and Michael who know something about making a structured outfit.

We'll see if she survives the next challenge on her own skills(and what is with the rosettes? Vincent has a hat thing and now Angela's into rosettes-it this some fashionista fetish trend that I'm not aware of?)

Who Wants to be a Superhero got off to a wacky start,which was expected. I'm predicted that a drinking game will spring up from it-take a swig every time someone says "Excelsior!"(two swigs,if Stan Lee does it). What kills me is how superhero illiterate some of these folk seem to be-if you're a good guy,you are supposed to stop to help a little girl lost(even if she's an obvious plant)rather than run over to a target,duh! I have to admit that Major Victory has the potential to become a favorite of mine;the man is so much of a human parody that he needs his own show.

Monkey Woman was the one I planned to root for but her big superpower seems to be crying on cue so forget that. Tonight's episode has costume upgrades and facing a couple of attack dogs(hopefully,someone will think to bring some steaks!).

Random Notes:

Hell's Kitchen: Virginia and Monkey Woman share the same ability to use tears as a weapon-that whole"oh,pick me,I'm going to quit" and then backing out of it when Gordon demanded that it be her choice to stay or go was worthy of a supervillian. So sick of Virginia-Go,Heather,go!

Rescue Me: So Janet's preggers-gee,didn't see that coming,not! My favorite scene was when Garrity asked for Maggie's hand from Gavin Sr.(glad to see Charles Dunning make another appearance)-talk about being desparate for love there. Tommy is just going to give him a beatdown at some point,with all of Garrity's "bro" business.

The 4400: What is with Isobel giving out all that promicin like it's Christmas stocking stuffers? She has something sinister up her sleeves. Looks like Richard is deciding to gear up his Carrie powers to lay down the law on his little girl(and about damn time). Too bad Diana gave up her chance for a 4400 power...or did she?

For all you Gilmore Girls fans out there,ABC Family is having a GG marathon this Sunday,starting at noon and ending by the time Three Moons Over Milford starts-nice tie-in there,huh? And,it's not too late to enter the Gilmore Girls Guru sweepstakes which has a trip for four to Stars Hollow as the big prize(click title link for more info)-like they say,you got to be in it to win it!


PJS said...

Funny, I specifically watched Nightmares and Dreamscapes for the first time last night (2 episodes), so I would understand it when you blogged about it today.

lady t said...

Aw,sorry,dude-well then,you'll have to tell me if NM & DS was any good last night then(was curious about Rock n Roll Heaven).