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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Gibson needs to know that Jesus Is Magic!

I was going to let the whole Mel Gibson drunken Nazi rant to the cops deal go right by,but with his repeated denials of "I am not a bigot"(yeah and neither was Archie Bunker,Mel-uh huh!)and lame apologies,it's become obvious that he needs some sort of help beyond rehab and I think one of the things that will clear his crazy head is to check out Sarah Silverman's Jesus Is Magic on DVD. I watched it last night and this little slice of mockery mixed with songs could solve many of the probelms we have going on right now. Sarah is a rather open minded gal-just listen to her take on inter-religious relationships:

Also,she speaks to many diverse cultural groups and is not afraid to confront her issues within her own ethnicity in the process. Not to mention that she can do it with a spring in her step and a song in her heart:

I know,you're saying"but Lady T,Mel is a talented filmmaker in his own right,why should he take advice from some wacky singing chick?" Well,Mel's talents as a film maker are debatable-yes,Braveheart did well but anyone can get lucky with one movie. Look at Kevin Costner-sure,Dance With Wolves got him some major cred but after Waterworld and,particularly,The Postman,you have to confess that you said to yourself"What have I done,letting this bozo get so famous?" Hey,don't feel bad,unless you're the one who kept Pauly Shore's movie career going for all that time.

Besides,Mel is in deep denial about his true feelings towards certain folk and Sarah's humorous in-your-face approach might get him to open and deal with that. And Sarah's songs speak to all ages:

So,hopefully someone will slip Mel a copy of Jesus is Magic and bring a dose of much needed tolerence and respect for others to him at such a crucial moment in his life.Oh,and here's a great song that should become a new holiday classic for Mel's family to use for caroling:


PJS said...

Thank you for blogging about the Mel Gibson thing so I don't have to...

And thanks to this post i FINALLY understand all the fuss about Jesus Is Magic (not to mention the title).

lady t said...

Glad to be of service,PJS-also,you saved me from getting all comic book geeky about Heath Ledger becoming the Joker,so fair's fair!

Sarah Silverman rocks in this damn movie and I would love to see one of her videos on MTV,rather than Hawthorne Heights(which sounds like a Fox series) or Panic! At the Disco any day of the week.