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Thursday, August 10, 2006

A villian rises,Tommy Gavin falls off the wagon and is there a harlot in Hell's Kitchen?

We're down to the final two chefs in Hell's Kitchen and by the luck of the devil,Virginia managed to knock K-Grease out of the running. Big Man did not take the news well,getting in Gordon Ramsey's face and accusing him of having a "hard-on" for Virginia. The phrase was bleeped but you could still make the words out(bleeping technology is getting clumsy these days). Dude,I know it stinks to lose out to Miss Flirty-Flirt(when she's not being Lady Weeping Willow)but Gordon's a professional who is clearly not taken in by her wiles,unlike the construction workers that approved of her turkey sandwich last week. I swear,that girl could clean up at Hooters with her hot momma routine!

Not to be left out of We Hate Virginia Club was Heather,who earlier in the show found it rather convenient that Virginia was the only one to perfectly match Gordon's signature dish AND just happened to have bought Ramsey's cookbook which probaly did have the recipe in it. That,to me,is a more serious accusation than the possibility of a Gordon/Virginia hook-up. Nothing much was done about that but it is odd that Virginia"just happened" to find those beans and use grapefruit. I think it's the producers who have a hard-on for her;she's a pretty face and a people pleaser after all. Next week is the big showdown,which has the kicked-off contestants working with the finalists in running a kitchen. Virginia melts under pressure so it's advantage Heather!

Last time on Who Wants To Be A Superhero,Iron Enforcer was the fourth person to be eliminated(after the lame Cell Phone Girl)but recruited at the last minute by Stan Lee to be the Big Bad for the show. It was a good call-the guy's clearly more of a villian type and this motley crew can certainly use a good challenge. Have to admit that Monkey Woman's tougher than I thought she was-making her way thru the attack dog run like that earned her some kickass points. Feedback is such a tool for his mocking of Ty'Velculus' new costume(which was awful but still...)and Creature's new duds don't seem like much, Then again,neither is her character.

Tonight,our heroes face a crossing rooftop challenge and meet their new menace,The Dark Enforcer! That new outfit of DF's looks like a D&D player's wet dream. Let's see who'll be a winner and not a weiner by the end of the show.

Rescue Me had some damn fine Denis Leary moments this week,with Tommy's tour de force in that bar,caging some whiskey and pouring out his pain for all and sundry. The second biggest high point was talking his friend into accepting death and promising to take of his wife and kids. With all that money that Sheila's been waving in Tommy's face,maybe some of it will go to someone who really needs it,hint hint!

Looks like Probie's leaving(can't say that I blame him)and another bad relationship is looming,now with the Chief hooking up with that lady from his wife's nursing home who tells him that a)she could get fired for seeing him,b)that she's an illegal immigrant and c)she works off the books,all on the first date! What is it with new love interests on this show-they all seem to be walking around with placards saying"I AM TROUBLE,BIGTIME" on them! It's sad when the only one with a healthy love life is Uncle Teddy with his fried chicken and conjugal visits.

Random Notes:

Project Runway: Glad to see Michael win the Icon challenge(Pam Grier would definately wear such a smoking outfit)and was surpised that Angela managed to make a dress that looked decent on her own. Kayne's Monroe dress was to die for but he's already had a win. How could Bradley not know anything about Cher? Maybe I'm picky here but for a designer not to know about such a celebrity clotheshorse is not acceptable. It would be like a mystery writer who claimed to not know about Elmore Leonard or John Grisham.

30 Days: The Atheist Vs. The Christians show once again had an understanding host wife and a stubborn husband(real subtle with the crossed arms there,buddy!). The sidebits with Morgan Spurlock checking out religious debates in the US was pretty fun. My favorite has to be the visit to Holy Land Experience,a theme park that sells Goliath burgers and does an re-enactment of the Crucifixion as it's main attraction. Wonder if Mel Gibson ever thought of this?

The 4400: Sean is screwed six ways to Sunday,according to the VisionQuest cigar he smoked. Marry Isobel,death! Don't marry Isobel,death! Maybe his Uncle Tom can pass on a certain needle full of special Isobel BeGon juice as a wedding present.

If you're in a rerun mood,tonight's The Office is replaying the one with Dwight's very Cartman like speech. As much as I dig the whole Jim & Pam deal,I truly hope that Dwight and Angela's romance gets some good focus next season:


PJS said...

Sadly, I don't know who any of these people are (save for the Office cast)

lady t said...

Well,I hope you're still watching DesignStar because I've gotten hooked on that show now(and I can't stand Donna,she's so mean to Temple!).

PJS said...

I am still watching Design Star... I hope not to miss an episode (I haven't yet, I think there've been three now?)... I absolutely ADORE this show. Love it love it love it. Reason A is the design ideas, Reason B is yummy (if girly) David, Reason C is the catty drama inherent on any elimination-style reality show.

But... but... but... I must beg to differ: I think that TEMPLE is the Omarosa of the show, and is constantly undermining Donna! I wonder what made us choose opposite sides in that catfight...

lady t said...

We can agree to disagree but Donna just seems to be a prima donna who only likes to shop and not actually do any work-that room she designed with the automotive store stuff was BORING!

Temple's been getting picked on alot(not just by Donna)for being a former pagent queen and not having formal training but her room was very well put together. Let's see if they survive the next challenge:)

Robin Brande said...

I finally caught the rerun of the latest Project Runway. That show is too addictive. I agree about Bradley--huh??? How could anyone his age not know even a little bit about Cher?

And didn't you love that line about Twiggy? "She's still alive, so let's talk about her in the present tense." Ouch.

lady t said...

Yeah,love it when the judges put on the snark suits:). I really thought Robert was going to get kicked off-his Jackie O suit was way too slouchy.