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Friday, August 25, 2006

Why should Survivor be the only one to play the race card?

The latest controversy sweeping the internet is about the upcoming season of Survivor which plans to divide the contestants into four teams based on race. This has caused such a ruckus that NYC officials are already demanding that CBS pull the show.CBS' response is that they " fully recognizes the controversial nature of this format but has full confidence in the producers and their ability to produce the program in a responsible manner,".... "'Survivor' is a program that is no stranger to controversy and has always answered its critics on the screen."

I've never been a big fan of Survivor(it's like The Real World to me-one of those shows that my first thought is"They're still doing that?")and I do like some reality shows,mainly the ones who insist on using creativity and skills instead of smarmy sideshow antics. Apparently,CBS is that desparate to get those ratings at all costs.

If this is the new trend that network TV is going to take up to compete with an ever expanding cable/video game/IPod audience,why leave it to the cheesy reality shows? Recruit some big Hollywood talents and throw some real money into production values. Hey,if the Disney channel can give us High School Musical,surely someone can put together a social experimental musical extravaganza a little something like this:

And let's not overlook Broadway! There's a long and grand tradition of tackling tough issues in society on stage. Imagine combining that with the metaphorical genre of science fiction and just marvel at the results!:

Other troublesome topics could use some fresh exploitation,er,exploration! It doesn't have to be tedious-mix in a mainstream sporting event that's known even to small children and see where that leads:

It's too bad that we can't have intelligent,creative programming which would not only enlighten but entertain folks into seeing past their differences. That would be too much to ask for. I guess quality television such as this won't be possible to have within my lifetime:


Robin Brande said...

Those were some great clips, but I have to say it hurts my feelings to see Natalie Portman in the third Star Wars. She's such a great actress, and that script was so awful--her part in particular--it was so painful to watch. Talk about misusing someone's talent. All we can do is look away.

lady t said...

Me,too-I particularly felt bad whenever Natalie had to do a scene with Hayden Christenson(a tree stump has more onscreen charisma). When Natalie was able to act with Ewan McGregor,it was like watching someone coming up for air:)