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Friday, September 01, 2006

Summer series wrap-ups,award show madness and Project Runway goes abroad

Last night,I sat thru the Video Music Awards on MTV and last sunday,I endured the Emmys. Both shows reminded me of why it's good to be picky about what award shows to watch. I hadn't seen the Emmys in awhile and it appears that I wasn't missing much. Except for Conan O'Brien's charming comedy bits(loved the whole Bob Newhart trapped in an airproof tube routine-bring Bob back to Tv,someone!),the show was dull and predictable. It was great to see The Office and Mariska Hargitay win but what were some of these people thinking,wardrobe wise? Virginia Madsen looked like a Goth sexpot.

The VMAs weren't any better. Bad enough that Justin Timberlake sang "Sexyback" but did everyone and his brother had to namecheck it? Was I the only one who found it ironic that Pink recieved her MoonMan for "Stupid Girls" from Nicole Ritchie? And whose bright idea was it to have Al Gore appear and give a slideshow presentation of melting glaciers? That audience was interested in that as much as a group of vegans would be in a hot dog eating contest.

Thank goodness for Project Runway being around to keep things interesting. The challenge this week was to make an outfit for an"international jet setter" that the designers would model on the runway themselves. To prove that their outfits were travel worthy,the group flew to Paris wearing the clothes they had made. I don't know if PR has done anything like this before(I only got into the show during season 2)but it was a great idea and it looks like the next challenge will take place in Gay Paree. Pretty cool!

I have to announce that I officially hate Jeffrey and hope he gets Auf'd soon. His vicious gloating over Angela's leaving further compounded the terrible way he treated her mom and his outfit may have won but didn't impress me at all. Michael's seersucker hip-hop fusion suit was way more stylish. Angela should've listened to Tim when he told her that outfit looked Holly Hobbie(and rosettes on the rear?).Kayne's flashy shirt was a tad Elvis but it was a good Elvis and why did the judges pick on Uli for her use of patterns? She's brilliant at combining bright colors together that blend and not overwhelm.

Random Notes:

Several summer shows have had or are about to finish up for the seasons,so here's a brief rundown:

Who Wants to be a Superhero?: No surpise that Feedback won,given that he's the more marketable choice and worships Stan Lee. I still think that Major Victory deserved to be in the Final Two but did find Fat Momma's mini movie fun(especially when she destroyed a dragon and said"You owe me a doughnut!"). I don't know if this show was a one shot deal or not;it might be amusing to try it again. The series will be available on DVD.

Rescue Me:The strongest part of the show was the gang visiting the 911 memorial for the firefighters. Denis Leary really should've gotten an Emmy(sorry,Kiefer)here. Most of the storylines were somewhat wrapped(Probie and his sexuality issues)while others were set up for more next time around(Franco's daugther getting shipped off to boarding school seems like taking the easy way out there). The big cliffhanger is Tommy getting trapped in Sheila's burning new house-how much of an idiot is this woman? Yes,she has a right to be upset with Tommy but drugging him up again? Also,how can you be married and/or involved with a fireman and not know enough to put out a small fire before it gets worse?

Designstar: We're down to the final Two,David and Alice. Viewers will be able to decide who wins by voting online and on your cellphone(please click the title link for more info)after the next episode this Sunday. My pick is David;he's proven to be very creative and has shown such good character traits such as respect,helpfullness and willingness to listen to others when necessary.

Alice seems to be favored by the judges for her likability onscreen but her voice gets rather high pitched at times which turns me off. Also,her last design for a "man cave" wasn't too impressive. It looked like an upgrading of what was already in the room,plus having a big piece of furniture mounted ontop of a table is not a good idea in a house with little kids running around. Let's see who America picks as the next Design Star,shall we?

The 4400:Now,that was quite a finale! We end the season with Sean in a coma,Isobel powerless,Diana and Maia taking off for Spain(but not for long,especially if Diana's sis has a good reaction to the promecin),Alana being mysteriously whisked away and an underground movement to give out promecin that could either grant you X-Men like powers or kill you stone dead. The show has been renewed for another season and the earlier ones are available on DVD for anyone who's curious or needs to catch up.

With Labor Day weekend upon us,plenty of channels will be having marathon viewings of favorite shows(there'll be a Law & Order one,I have no doubt)and themed films. The Encore movie channels plan to show movies from the 1980s. I don't know what the line-up is but hope it will be as fun as this:


Anonymous said...

Let us speak a little more of Project Runway.

What was Angela thinking? She looked like such a hick. She seems like a nice person--I love how excited and happy she gets, and she's not afraid to show it--but that outfit was like a parody of country-girl-goes-to-the-big -city. Sad.

And yes, Jeffrey's a pain, but I thought he nailed the outfit, and the attitude to go with it. Although Laura's outfit was totally chic and classy and really traveled well, so she could have won as far as I was concerned. And you're right--Michael's was great.

Uli's? Not so much. The judges were right--we've seen that outfit a hundred times on her. I'd love to see her bust out and use a solid once in a while.

But the thing that really hurt my feelings about that last show was making poor Angela fly all the way to Paris, all excited, then make her fly right back, dejected. I think they should have ditched her before the plane ride, don't you?

lady t said...

It was a touch cruel there to bring Angela all the way to Paris to get let go(she didn't even get her Heidi goodbye air kiss!). Laura's dress was chic but the judges were right about turning that back knot forward for travel comfort.

Yeah,Uli's a little bit Repeat-O Girl but she's been constant through the competition thus far.

Angela's outfit was a rumpled nightmare. She annoyed me early on but after Jeffrey's nasty behavior to her mom,I feel more kindly towards her. Jeffrey,I plan to openly depise from now on(his suit was well made but a T-shirt with a glitter skull looks too much like a marked down bargain buy at Hot Topic to me)-might even boo when he appears onscreen:)