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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Heroes goes back to the future,Veronica Mars returns and Shear Genius rolls out the red carpet

On Shear Genius this week,the shortcut challenge was to create a hairstyle that would easily go from day to night,with the clients demonstrating the changeover them selves. They had about five minutes to switch up their day look,after the stylists did the cut and showed them how to get ready for the night. Danna won and got the right of first pick of model for the elimination round,along with in what order the others got to select their models. Tyson wound up getting last pick,a reverse of what happened to Tabatha on the weird tools challenge.

Speaking of weird,Evangelin hung on to those hedge clippers that earned her a win and insisted that she was going to keep using them from now on. This determined wackiness lead to the first real fight on the show,where both Danna and Tabatha told her that it was nuts and unprofessional. Tabatha went into swear mode after a minute and the Bravo bleep machine got a nice workout there. I swear I'm beginning to like her;she is not afraid to get in someone's face and knows that Tyson is just waiting for her to fail. Fortunately,Tabatha has allies in Anthony and Danna.

Meanwhile,the elimination challenge was to create a red carpet hairdesign suitable for Ugly Betty's Vanessa Williams,who was the guest judge and selector of the winner. The dress that Vanessa planned to wear was displayed,along with photos of her at each hairdresser station,to help the stylists create the right look.

Danna had a very good week at SG,since she won this challenge,too. When I first saw her hairstyle for Vanessa,my thoughts were"That's Wilhemina hair!" Daisy recieved second place,for doing something a little different than most of the group. I do agree with the judges,however,that her look really was "wedding hair"

Evangelin's love of hedge clipping did her in,as she was sent packing after her combo of straight and curly hair tanked. The finished project had sort of a geisha look to it,which didn't go at all with the dress Vanessa Williams was going to wear. Ben was also on the chopping block,for his messy hairdon't that would work for the likes of professional party girls(paging Lindsey Lohan!)but not a classy lady like
Vanessa,no way. Looking ahead,Bravo's starting to show promo ads for Top Chef,which should be heating up the airwaves this summer. Mmmm,my mouth is watering already!

Heroes went into the future,as Hiro and Ando encountered a world where superpowered folks were being hunted down,after the NYC explosion,where Peter is an outlaw,Hiro is considered a "terrorist",Parkman is head of the secret police and Nathan is the president of the United States....or is he???

I so did not see that plot twist coming! Talk about your cliffhanging moments there! Ok,fangirl swooning over...I am happy to see that Isaac may not have died in vain after all(and how cool is it that a comic book is the key to saving the world?)and that Ando is more important than he may seem. Some special abilities are not always the flashy kind,being able to inspire hope and support for others is quite a power indeed. The next three episodes should be very rock n' roll.

Veronica Mars returned this week,and while it was great to have her back,I must admit that the hate crimes mystery was handled in a very Afterschool Special way. Nonetheless,there were some good moments such as Phiz kissing Veronica(finally!) and this tribute to Pulp Fiction:

Random Notes:

American Idol: It was Bon Jovi week on Idol and I'm starting to think that having the contestants sing songs from the guest mentor's playlist is not a great idea. It was a close call for the Sanjaya award,as both Blake and Chris Richardson tested my senses with their takes on "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Wanted,Dead or Alive." I had to pick Chris as the worst and so the voters,who sent him home along with Funeral Home Phil(Phil was actually decent this week,too):



I was worried about Jordin this time around,she had alot of trouble with "Living on a Prayer". Thank goodness folks saw how hard she tried to do it right and spared her. Lakisha came back in full force and both she and Melinda were smart to choose later Bon Jovi tunes,than any of the hair band trademark ones:




The Amazing Race/All Stars: We're now down to the Final Three,as Danny and Oswald were eliminated,leaving the Beauty Queens,Eric and Danielle and Charla and Mirna to duke it out. Danny and Oswald both said they hope Charla and Mirna win,and out of this bunch,I have to agree with them. The BQ are nasty and sneaky,plus Eric throws too many fits and Danielle wimpers too much for my taste. Charla and Mirna fight quite abit,but you can see that they really do care about each other. Go for it,girls!

Smallville: Tonight,Jimmy gets knocked on the head and wakes up in a B&W film noir version of the show. Cool beans or goofy gimmick? You decide:


Pop Culture Diva said...

Heroes was the bomb! Loved loved it!!

I'm not feeling Tabatha. I like her styles but can't understand her disdain and high school talk about EVERYONE. She seems like she'd be above all that. Who cares if Evangalin uses the hedgers? Let the crazy bitch bring em out, it means she'll be leaving sooner.

lady t said...

Tabatha is very ubergoth and not shy about what she thinks is "professional"-people like that tend to cause a commotion on shows like this and I'm waiting for the Tabatha/Tyson smackdown that's bound to happen.

Wasn't Heroes AMAZING?! The finale should truly rock.