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Monday, May 07, 2007

The Top Ten Things I Learned from Spiderman 3

The big box office sensation this weekend was,of course,Spiderman 3(hey,I'm sure Disturbia is a good little thriller but against the Spidey juggernaut,it's lucky to hold second place there),which made $148 million and set a record with it's opening day take of $59 million. Pretty sweet,but the burning question remains...was the movie worth it?

Well,I was very entertained,along with the matinee audience my sister and I hunkered down with. The plot wasn't as firmly structured as the first two films(plenty of storyline balls were being juggled in the air)but there were some fun and funny moments,plus amazing F/X that gives you plenty of bang for your buck. So,I would recommend it,if you're in an amusement park ride mood at the movies. Just hope and pray that the studio holds off on making any more Spiderman movies,especially if Tobey,Kristen and Sam Raimi truly want to jump ship. Three is enough,guys!

Anyway,here are the life lessons that Spiderman 3 has to offer:

10) A man has to be able to put his wife above himself.

9) It's not a good idea to reinact a special kiss with your girlfriend right in front of her with someone else.

8) Revenge is like a poison,it can take you over and turn you into something ugly.

7) You want forgiveness? Try religion!

6) A sure sign of giving into your dark side is the need for one sided bangs.

5)If you buy a camera off of a kid in the crowd,of course the film's extra!

4) Prolonged exposure to an alien symbiote can make you do strange things,like demand phoneside cookie service and perform impromptu dance numbers in public:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

3)No point in trying to convert a bad guy into giving up his wicked ways when he tells you "I like being bad-it makes me happy!"

2) Bruce Campbell cameos are great,Stan Lee cameos are supergreat. Having both Bruce and Stan do cameos in the same film? Priceless!

Just Bruce here,guys,sorry!

1) More villians,more probelms.


Pop Culture Diva said...

Sounds like it was a blast!

Robin Brande said...

Love #2 & #6. Those bangs were a hoot. And those dance moves in front of the clothing store were hilarious.

But Bruce Campbell stole the show. Loved him in Xena, still love him.

lady t said...

Yeah,the movie is alot of fun and Bruce Campbell is the Man! I never watched Xena but dug Bruce in the Evil Dead flicks and Bubba Ho-Tep.

Christen said...

LoL to #6! What was up with that??

I really liked it and I thought it ended with enough optimism that there doesn't need to be any more movies. =)

And yes, Bruce Campbell was excellent!