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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a merry pop culture Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve Day and since I'll be taking a blogger's holiday for the rest of the week,I thought it would be nice to leave you all a few fun clips of the season to amuse yourselves with.

A good way to start things off is with that ye olde classic,A Christmas Carol. There are tons of different versions of the Charles Dickens tale about regret and redemption but my personal favorite is the 1951 British film starring Alastair Sim as Scrooge.

Sim is delightfully wicked as the insistent humbug who grumbles and bullies his way thru life and determinedly tramples upon holiday cheer,making his spiritual rebirth all that more the touching.(Sorry about using a colorized film clip,but the black & white ones were hard to get here):

Next,we have a tidbit from A Christmas Story,one of the modern day movie traditions that is also a gold mine of qoutes suitable for many non holiday occasions. After all,how many of us have had to stand on a line somewhere that seemed to be long enough to reach Terre Haute?:

In the spirit of The Dark Knight,let's look at this singalong segment of "Christmas With The Joker",as the crown prince of crime makes a very merry escape from Arkham Asylum:

For a more realistic look at Christmas,check out this side job by Roseanne and her sister Jackie,as the two of them man the Rodbell's Santa and Mrs. Claus duties. There's no better proof that Santa needs to be a real mother than this:

To wrap things up,we have a double feature of mini MST3K holiday madness. To start off,here is a ten minute version of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians,the only Pia Zadora film known best for her not taking her clothes off:

Think it couldn't get any worse than that? Think again,kids! Here,for your viewing displeasure,is a movie simply called "Santa Claus" that features politically incorrect international helpers,creepy mechanical reindeer and guest appearances by a
prancing,pantaloons wearing Devil. Happy holidays,folks,and I'll see you all next week. Hope you have a good time with your loved ones this season and are watching better stuff than this:


Ladytink_534 said...

I've never seen any of the live action Christmas Carol adaptations but I really like Disney's version. I swore up, down, and sideways that I would get around to watching A Christmas Story this year for the first time and I never did lol. Love that episode of the Batman cartoon (I got the first season for Christmas). Wonderful finds- I'm still cracking up over Rosanne...

lady t said...

Thanks,Lady Tink-fortunately,TBS has a Christmas Story marathon every year,so you can catch up in '09!

Season one of BTAS is great-I have seasons two and three as well. Season four isn't as good(a definite change in the animation style,plus weak story lines).