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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Top Chef takes on Today,Blush pretties up some showgirls and Sylar & Elle's romance is short lived

One of the regular guest judges on Top Chef is Rocco DiSpirito,who showed up first at the Quickfire with Padma this episode. The chefs were asked to make a breakfast amuse bouche and Rocco mentioned how much he loved bacon. Naturally, a lot of the chefs did their best to add his favorite morning munchie in their dish.

Fabio,however,was determined to be contrary and pointedly made a bruleed banana with a brioche shot,telling both Rocco and Padma that he thought bacon was "too heavy" a food to have that early in the day. He wasn't too pleased when Padma brought those words back home to him,along with saying that his shot of brioche tasted like pudding.

Leah won the QF,her second time in a row,for her quail egg with tomato and cheese mini sandwich. She not only got immunity but a copy of Rocco's latest cookbook(I hope he signed it for her)-nicely done,Leah!

The Elimination Challenge was to create a dish to demonstrate for live TV that had to last two and a half minutes. They had an hour to prepare the finished product and the Top Three best tasting plates were then judged the very next morning on the Today show by several of the female anchors(including Meredith Viera and Kathy Lee Gifford).

Fabio redeemed himself from his QF flop by wowing everyone with a sesame crusted ahi tuna number that put him back on top,for the Today show segment. In the demo bit that he did for the regular panel of judges,Fabio was rather charming and played off his accent nicely.

Jeff joined him there with a malfouf roll,a Middle Eastern dish that he had doubts about the Today Show ladies appreciating at the hour of the day. He even had the nerve to call them ladies with "unsophisticated palates." Excuse me? These are journalists from a major news network who are stationed in New York,buddy boy! I think they've had more than a passing acquaintance with fancy food,thank you very much!

That bad karma came back to bite him,as Kathy Lee wound up spitting out her mouthful of Jeff's roll. See what happens when you trash talk before the judging? Your food gets the worst rejection a chef can get,and on live TV,no less!

Ariane was the big winner here,with her beefsteak tomato and watermelon salad with feta cheese.

She also won a couple of neat prizes;a complete set of kitchen tools personally chosen by Rocco and the opportunity to do a five minute cooking segment on the Today Show right after this episode airs(which means she was probably on this morning,is my guess).Congrats,Ariane,you're the real comeback kid of the season!

On the chopping block was Jamie,who didn't finish cooking her duck egg on time but topped her salad with it anyway. Not a smart move,plus Rocco thought her body language was very negative during the tasting segment.

Along side her was Melissa,whose blackened shrimp was so spicy that hardly anyone could eat it and Judge Tom spit out his bite(a lot of spitting out food this season,I swear!). Her defense was "I like spicy food" and she was pretty much unrepentant,even with Judge Gail pointing out that the pepper used in the dish was not something that the average home cook should play around with.

I really wish that Melissa had been given the boot,since her attitude stinks and she kept dropping heavy handed hints about how much she wanted to be there and that "some people" didn't. Hey,hon,get off your high horse. Obviously if you signed up for the show,you want to be on it,period!

Alex was the one who had to pack his knives and go instead. He made a rose infused creme brulee that wasn't properly prepared. Turns out that it takes more than a hour for creme brulee to be cooked and chilled. When the judges tasted it,the brulee hadn't had the time to set(sort of like eating Jell-o before it's ready).

Next week,the chefs have to cook Judge Gail's bridal shower dinner(well,that's one way to keep your costs down)-not too much pressure for that one,nope!

Blush started off this week with a twin challenge;giving identical twins a good and an evil look. Maxi won this round and gloated over his win so much that it was vomit inducing. Dude,turn your diva dial down a few notches every once in awhile,seriously!

The Elimination round had the remaining five make up artists take a trip to Las Vegas to create a newer version of the stage look for a group of showgirls in the Jubilee revue. Everyone kept focusing on the eyes by putting on feathered lashes and such. That's important,I know,but I would've tried to do something to accent the eyebrow area,perhaps by adding on some glittery paste on gemstones. Just my two cents there:

Nolan pulled off a win for his showgirl that really peeved Maxi,you could tell. Poor Mo had to go home ,due to the feathered lashes she used for her girl that were a little bit worse than the ones Farah glued on hers. Maxi and his over the topness is still with us and no doubt The Soup will have a juicy tidbit of his antics to delight in by tomorrow:

Heroes finished up the eclipse plot line and not surprisingly,everyone got their powers back pronto. While my theory about Hiro being the catalyst has not been quite disproven just yet,my inital doubts about Sylar being a Petrelli were right all along. Noah Bennett may be a lot of things,but a unnecessary liar he's not. You can't trust the elder Petrellis,not one bit.

It does look like I spoke too soon about Sylar and Elle in a romantic sense. While their passion held up pretty well for a time,those pesky old trust issues kept a-coming back to haunt them.

It may be too quick to pronounce Elle dead and gone for the moment,especially with the resurrection rate of the characters on this show,but the honeymoon is definitely over:


FLIRTING WITH FORTY: Heather Locklear stars in this Lifetime movie adaptation of Jane Porter's novel about a middle aged newly single mom who finds some romance on a tropical vacation with a much younger man. No doubt that there will be plenty of changes from the book but for a Saturday night's winter entertainment,this does appear to be fun in the sun:

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