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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What's making the rounds at the movie trailer park lately?

While December is a big season for movies,particularly those hoping to squeeze in under the wire and gather up a few film award nominations,it's also a pretty ripe time for plenty of trailers to start strutting their stuff.

Some of them are not just panning for Oscar gold,instead they're planting the seeds for seats to be filled in multiplexes next year. Others are just hoping to be noticed amidst the madding holiday crowd.

One of those hopefuls is The Wrestler,which stars Mickey Rourke as a Hulk Hogan type of pro wrestler looking for a last chance to defeat a former rival. I know the big comeback news is all about Britney Spears these days,but Rourke's performance in this film seems to be more of the real deal in that department:

A pumped up sci-fi film for '09 that is being heavily promoted with Twilight,Push stars Chris Evans(best known as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies)as a "mover" who uses his telekinetic gifts to hustle some gambling money and winds up teaming with a young "watcher"(Dakota Fanning)to escape the clutches of a secret govt agency determined to make them become members of a evil psychic army.

The premise is very Heroes like in concept,only with a lot more violence and gritty locales. The casting is interesting,particularly Djimon Hounsou as one of the bad guys,and this might be a fun little popcorn flick to look forward to:

Doubt is a heavy duty Oscar contender,with such major league performers as Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman,as a nun and priest battling for control over a small Catholic church and school in 1964,at the helm.

While this may come off at first as film equivalent of eating your high art veggies,there may be quite a bit of meat on the bones here as Streep's Sister Aloysius attempts to weave a web of suspicions about what may have happened between Hoffman's Father Flynn and one of the altar boys behind a closed door.

The critical praise is growing strong already for Doubt and with any luck,this movie might offer up some real bite to the material to merit some just desserts:

Proving that you can't keep a good money making series down is Terminator:Salvation,the first one of these films to not have Arnold Schwarzenegger
playing one of the lethal killing machines that John Connor must fight against or with to save the future of humanity.

Instead,we get Christian Bale as John Connor,who appears to have good reason to worry about how good his odds are in this apocalyptic showdown. Perhaps this revamp may hold more water than the last movie did. We shall see:

Last up is Up,the big animated summer release from Disney/Pixar that has a little old man who takes an extreme method of relocating his home. A rather odd duck of a movie but if it's one thing that the Pixar gang is good at,it's family films that march to the beat of a very different drummer:

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