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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Amazing Race starts off,Hiro finally leaves Ancient Japan and ANTM has more size issues

Season 12 of TAR had the contestants go off to Ireland,where they had to catch ferries,ride a high wire bicycle across a ravine and deal with some troublesome donkeys. Interestingly,only two of the teams had any real probelms with getting their donkey to walk with them and those teams were the most obnoxious ones(animals know good from bad instinctly,folks)like Nathan and Jennifer,who went on the race to try and patch things up after Nathan cheated on Jen. Yeah,an international romp on a reality show is just the ticket for healing the wounds of adultery,altho,it doesn't help much when your fella berates you for not being as fast as the other girls he's dated:

My early favorites,Goths Kynt and Vyxsin(pronounced "Vixen"),did very well by coming in second at the Pit Stop. They also seemed to be rather nice people and good players at this point. They were certainly better than Ari and Staella,who had already tempted fate in the beginning by Ari's declaring that "Karma is a bitch,but I'm a bigger bitch" and then stealing a cab right under the noses of one of the other teams at the airport in Ireland.

Not surprisingly,Ari and Staella wound up with donkey trouble(Ari even made some nasty threats to the poor little guy),which lead to them getting Philiminated. Nice to see such a worthy dismissal this soon:

The Hiro in Feudal Japan storyling wrapped up this week on Heroes,which appears to have been a set up for Kensai to become the Mr. Sinister of the series. I'm glad that we finally have Hiro Nakamura back in the game but it looks like he unwittingly created his own worst enemy in the bargain. Kensai's plans for Peter are not on the up and up,I suspect.

Also,how stupid was it of Mohinder to let Toby in on his double agent dealings with Bennett there? Clearly,Mohinder is not a guy who does well under pressure there,geez! Speaking of pressure,Claire is really letting some of West's snottiness rub off on her(maybe that flyboy should run into Sylar,just as he's getting his powers back online-just a suggestion!)as HRG is determined to have the family hit the road again:

It was a good week for Matt,as he faced off on his Nightmare Man Daddy and saved Molly from the mental trap she has been locked in. The only downside was that he didn't do it in time to keep Niki from resorting to jabbing herself with the virus to break the nightmare spell controlling her. It was truly one of Matt Parkman's finest moments of the series:

Next week,the show is going to answer a few of those nagging questions that have been on the minds of fans like"How did Peter wind up naked and confused in Ireland?" and "Who is Elle and what is she up to?" Should be a good one!

Instead of a photo shoot,the girls on ANTM were part of a music video with Enrique Iglesias,posing as Gothy vampire babes in an underground club. Lisa and Heather were given featured parts with Enrique while most of the girls had background stuff to do(that really annoyed Bianca,who keeps bitching about how Heather"can do no wrong"-gee,it wouldn't happen to be that because Heather is not a bitch,now would it?). Heather did a great job but passed out for a moment during the filming due to not eating anything that day and getting overheated. Fortunately,she was fine but Tyra and the judges' panel didn't even ask her about that,which was weird to me.

The model to go home this week was Sarah,mainly because the judges thought that she was losing too much weight to be the "plus-size" model that she was touted as being upon entering the competition. First off,I don't know what fun house mirror these people are using to determine sizes but they must be in need of serious corrective eye wear since there's no way in the world that Sarah was at all plus size!

The photo of Sarah that I have here on the right is from the first week of competition; for the past couple of weeks,the judges have keep asking Sarah if she has lost weight and harping on that big time. It was clearly affecting her photo shoots and making the poor girl insanely self conscious. Here is a picture of Sarah(posing with Saleisha) during the music video:

It's tricky to tell from her position but my best guess is that she might've dropped five pounds or less than that. Why is that such a major league concern here? Yes,I know that weight flucation can affect how clothes fit you but come on! She wasn't a really big girl to begin with and giving her a complex like that is not helpful,Tyra! Mixed messages are bad ones to deliever!

Random Notes:

Moonlight/Blood Ties: Both shows are now setting up storylines where vampires from the past are popping up to plague our bloodsucking heroes in the present. Nothing wrong with that concept(pretty inevitable,actually) but a tad odd that this particular plot point is being set in motion at about the exact same time here. Since Blood Ties is based on a book series that already has this as part and parcel,I have to give Moonlight the fish eye look on this.

Don't get me wrong,Moonlight,I like the way you're going so far but do you really have to jump into this already? I know that your timeslot is perilous but plenty of shows would kill to be on after Ghost Whisperer(even with the writers' strike going on) and I think it's more important to keep building up the character relationships than to go for a seemingly copycat series shocker. I could be wrong,this could all be coincidence but this is just too close for comfort here.

Smallville: Tonight,Lana does the electro switcharoo with Clark and uses her new found super powers to wail on Lex. Hate to admit this,but the storylines on the show this season are getting goofier and goofier,with Kara having flashback memories of Clark's Kyptonian mom getting macked on by her dad(nice Helen Slater cameo)and this whole "Is Lana becoming Evil Cordelia?" theme. I'm just going to wait for Brainiac to return(he's due to,in January)and really letting the wild rumpus start:

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