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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Peter and Elle share sparks,TAR's Ronald goes ballistic and Project Runway takes off for Season 4

Project Runway started their fourth season a little differently this time;instead of having the designers whip out an outfit with wacky materials,they were taken to Bryant Park and allowed to chose high end fabrics from three tents. The goal was for everyone to create an outfit that reflected who they were as a designer.

I immediately fell in love with Rami's Grey Goddess gown,which was simply stunning in it's basic elegance. The judges agreed and gave Rami the win,plus immunity for the next challenge. I also loved Chris March's shimmering purple and gold creation(which was good enough to get him thru to the next round.

When it came to Elisa's dress,Motormouth Mabel says it best-"Papa Tooney,We got ourselves a Looney!". She not only ignored the advice Tim Gunn gave her during the challenge,she declared herself to be "finished"(with two hours left to work)and went off to take a nap! Also,her model nearly tripped over that insane scrapheap of a train(why didn't someone make her change her footwear before the runway walk? Those boots made it even harder for the poor girl and didn't go with the dress at all).

Simone was the one,however,deemed to be Out with her mismatched looking jacket and bland dress combo that Michael Kors said appeared to be a case of "dressing in the dark". I have to concur with that,plus the sewing was truly sub par.

I still would've sent Elisa packing-I don't know what was funnier,the look on Nina Garcia's face as Elisa gave a rambling explanation of what her dress meant to her or Heidi going over her notes during the judge's discussion and reading one that said"The dress looks like it's pooing fabric!" Good one,Heidi!

Round Two of the Amazing Race took the teams to Amsterdam,where no one had time to check out a hash bar or get a Royale With Cheese,as they had to choose between Hoisting five pieces of furniture up to an apartment or Hunt for a pair of matching colorstriped bikes in a parking garage. Ronald and Christina(aka Team Who's Your Daddy)had a tough time,since Ronald decided to become the most annoying parent on the planet and waged a campaign of constant bickering at his daughter.

Early signs of Ronald's nagging showed up as they went online with Kate and Pat(who wound up being Philimated at the end-sorry to see you go,ladies)to find tickets and later at another airport,Ronald got mad at Team Grandpa after watching the younger one being pushy at the ticket counter. Granted,the kid was bothersome,which only made their clerk work even slower(be nice to the clerks,people!)but it wasn't Ronald's place to correct him on that.

I felt so bad for Christina,who went on TAR to better connect to her father and was really being browbeaten for her troubles. It was so bad during the Roadblock that I wouldn't been shocked if she smacked him with that pole just to shut him down. I really hope that things get better between them:


....SHUT THE *&#$ UP!!!!

Heroes went back into the past,showing us that Four Months Ago,Niki developed a new personality named Gina(who got D.L. killed at a nightclub),Maya's Black Eyes of Death first launched an assault at her brother's wedding to an unfaithful bride and Peter was duped into becoming a willing prisoner of The Company,where Elle was his sinistersexy jailer and Adam was his next door cellmate. Many questions were answered and Kristen Bell was able to spread her wild woman wings as she shared more than her taste for electrically charged foreplay:

No doubt the shippers will be happy with this scenario,and are eager for these two to meet up again. While I'm sure that will happen at some point,the results may not be very romantic,especially since Peter now has total recall of his abilities:

Random Notes:

Nip/Tuck: We're up to Episode Three and what has happened so far? Well,Sean is dating an actress from Hearts N' Scalpels who had him give her an extra tummy tuck and who still has a nasty eating disorder that lead to her losing bowel control in a hot tub with him. Julia is in town,with her new girlfriend(Portia De Rossi)who has a slutty daughter named Eden macking on Sean and stomping all over what little self confidence Annie has.

Christian,meanwhile,is getting over sulking about Sean's fifteen minutes of fame by posing for a centerfold spread which gave him some unexpected attention,slept with two Marilyn Monroe impersonators and seduced Julia yet again,after hearing Liz declared she wasn't,in her opinion,serious about being gay. Julia was serious about taking her new lover's advice to "get Christian out of her system" by having another romp in the hay with him,which bummed our dear Dr. Troy out so much that he went along with a lonely woman's confusion of who was her gigolo and performed said services himself.

That covers just about everything..oh,wait,Matt and Kimber are back in the picture and are hitting the pipe together,isn't that sweet? Next week,Rosie O'Donnell shows up and has her mouth sewn shut,which will please quite a few folks there!

Ugly Betty: Glad to see Justin get over his rebel phase and swoon all over the Slater/Meade wedding,which was nearly overwhelmed by Posh Spice's guest appearance as herself stealing all the attention from poor Wilhemina. Thankfully,the ongoing Meade family drama took center stage instead,giving Amanda a chance to demonstrate why her milkshake can still bring the boys to the yard:

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Pop Culture Diva said...

Projecy Runway looks like it's going to be competitive this season. I loved Rami's dress but couldn't but consider him an established designer compared to the others.