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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Set your Thanksgiving mood with this musicial menu

Okay,I'm going to be taking a brief blogger's holiday and not only take off on Turkey Day but the day after as well(which most folks will spend on shopping sprees,both in the malls and online).

LRG will be back on Monday,with the announcement of a new contest for the upcoming novel Gods Behaving Badly,that will grant the winner a copy of the book hopefully in time for the holidays. This contest will have a rather small window of opportunity,people,so don't dawdle!

So,to send you off with a smile,here is my mixtape menu of tunes that should keep your toes tapping at the dinner table. Let's start with the gorgeous gravy goodness of Alicia Keys,whose performance of this song at the VMAs deserved much more attention than Britney's zombie dance routine or the Kid Rock/Tommy Lee throwdown:

Next up is some spiked cider served up with style by Amy Winehouse. Sad to see her so out of it lately yet at every other holiday gathering,there's always someone who winds up serenading the group after one too many,only not as in tune as Amy seems to be,regardless of soberity:

For the turkey,I had to go with Adam Sandler's tribute. Hope you don't mind the slideshow but apparently the good folks at NBC insisted on yanking the original SNL clip of this song. What turkeys! It's still a tasty tune:

You can't have meat without potatoes,so please enjoy the starchy silliness of Weird Al Yankovic's old school gameshow satire:

Vegetables are a necessary component of a hearty meal and what could be more wholesome than Corny Collins and The Nicest Kids In Town?:

For dessert,you have your choice of two savory sweet songs. First up is David Bowie and one of his many songs from Labyrinth,Underground. All of the songs he did for that movie rocked but this is the one that Anya would call a "breakaway pop hit" than a book number:

If your palate prefers richer fare,sink your teeth into Seal's Kiss From A Rose. Batman Forever was a so-so movie but it had a damn good soundtrack:

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