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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

That's how the pop culture cookie crumbles

The latest Food Network Challenge episode had a small in stature but big on the sweet tooth treat for their competitors to work their culinary magic on,the humble cookie. Cookies may not seem as dazzling as cake or pie for something like this yet there was a bit of suspense going on with one of the chefs getting off to a rough start and by the end,managing to make a decent showing.

While that cookie contender didn't win(that honor went to Richard Ruskell,making it his fifth win on FNC-congrats to you,sir!),her efforts were appreciated and got me to thinking about other times that those little discs of delight have made a strong impact in the media other than cooking shows. So,let's take a look into the pop culture oven and see what's on the rise:

COOKIE LOVE TOKEN: It may be extremely old fashioned,but that saying about a way to a man's heart via his stomach has lead to many ladies,fictional or real,whipping up batches of cookies as a not so subtle hint to their potential sweethearts.

A fine example is Pleasantville,where Toby Maguire's real world character caught up in a fifties TV show universe is shocked to discover that the oatmeal cookies originally meant for a local boy are being delivered to him instead. This leads to a very charming date for the two of these unexpected lovebirds,one that probably the intended cookie recipient wouldn't have pulled off quite as well:

TRADITIONAL COOKIE FLAVOR: Family continuity and cookies go hand in hand,as one of the many types of recipes that are handed down from generation to generation are grandma's baked goods.

Cookies cropped up quite a bit on Friends,as Monica strove to prove her love for others through her cooking. One episode had her hunting for the perfect chocolate chip cookie to bake for her future kids and Phoebe's grandmother seemed to have one that fit the bill. Too bad it wasn't her to pass on in the first place:

EAT A COOKIE,EASE MY PAIN: Apologies are always awkward situations,especially if what you have to make up for involves supernatural spell casting that go horribly wrong. In cases like that,more than a spoonful of sugar is needed to keep the amends down.

On Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Willow's early attempts at witchcraft tended to take her friends on an emotional roller-coaster ride,particular in the episode,"Something Blue" that had Buffy and Spike in hand holding mode,Giles blind and Xander fighting off a variety pack of demons(with Anya by his side adding very helpful suggestions on how to do so). Once Willow broke that spell,she was chock full of "I'm sorry" as well as chocolate chips:

While cookies may never have the glamor that cakes possess in abundance for mainstream media consumption,they are always welcome sweet sights for sore eyes. Not to mention that it's easier to create happy cookie songs than cake tunes for the most part there:

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Ladytink_534 said...

I'm a big cookie fan! Oh! Love that episode of Buffy.... is it bad that I can quote every part of it? Spike is one of the best characters of all time in my opinion.

Joanne Fluke has a great series where her amateur sleuth owns a cookie shop.