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Monday, October 02, 2006

How will you get your trick or treat on?

Halloween is a great holiday for many reasons-one,it's a non-present giving celebration so folks born on All Hallow's Eve are not rooked out of gifts,unlike those stuck with December 25th. Also,dressing up in costumes is the law of the land on that day. There's no age limit(except on trying to hit up homes for free candy)and you have free license to be as weird as you want(just in fun,of course-no actual psychos need apply!).

Here at Lady T Manor,we doll ourselves up to hand out sweets to the neighborhood kids and some of the personas I've chosen before include the Penguin from Batman Returns(official make-up kits rule),Biker Vampire,Vampire Slayer(hey,I have the stakes)and Hogwarts' own Professor McGonagall.

This year,I have a pretty good idea of what to be but I thought it might be fun to go over some of the newer costume sensations that are coming out this year. Let's take a look see,shall we?

Fanta soda girls: Yes,if you wanna Fanta,here's the outfit for you! Color schemes available include red,yellow,purple and,as shown,orange. It looks very Austin Powers to me but just think-all you need with this number is a sixpack of cola and you're ready to go!

Scarface's Tony Montana: With a Special Platinum Edition DVD about to hit the streets,this prime example of When Good Actors Go Bad Accent is now as fresh as the bad taste in your mouth and soul after watching Jackass Number Two. Say hello to your little friend for Devil's Night!

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Why be a make-believe badass when there's a real one with his own reality show? Just don't get arrested like the actual Dog did-jail's bad but imagine the ghouls that get busted on Halloween? Halloween is for fun fear,not Fear Factor Extreme!

V For Vendetta: Not since Scream had we had such a tailor made film inspired costume that's not at all cutesy kid like. Even if your budget is limited,this look will suit your needs as long as you have the mask. Just grab some old Zorro duds and a couple of plastic ninja blades-you'll be in like Flynn.

Pirates: The big winner this year is pirates,whether they're from the Carribean or not. Pirates are not only classically old school(right up there with ghosts,witches and devils) but it's a easy outfit to throw together. With the right kind of clothes in your closet and a trip to any discount store,you can shiver ye timbers with the best and the worst of the lot! Call me a two dollar costume queen,baby!

Yep,I'm going to be a pirate princess this year. With any luck,I might have as much "piratitude" as Mad Sally displayed on Wife Swap. Ah Vast,ye knaves! If ye try to trick me,I'll be treating the mangy lot of yere to walk the plank,arrgh!


Pop Culture Diva said...

I wouldn't mind being Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife Beth. She's a character just like him.

lady t said...

Actually,they do make a Mrs. Bounty Hunter costume,PCD! The perfect ticket for husband and wife Halloween fun:)

Anonymous said...

Gotta have a lotta confidence to go as a Fanta Girl. Think I'd pick Professor McGonagall instead.

Pirate princess sounds fun. Will you be going pirate chic, or pirate grunge?

lady t said...

My pirate style will be a mix of glam and grunge,with a sparkly skirt and a sparkly blade to match,arggh!:)