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Monday, October 30, 2006

Saw III:Is the third time the charm?

This past weekend,horror's newest favorite son of a bitch,Jigsaw,hit the cineplexes with Saw III,continuing the dark saga of the dying serial killer who challenges some new players with his morality lesson deathtraps as well as testing the fortitude of his apprentice,Amanda(one of the best roles I've ever seen Shawnee Smith in).

In fact,it is the character relationships that provide a good deal of the tension in this chapter(along with some damn nasty torture devices);Amanda's dependance on Jigsaw to guide her is as desparate and painful as a badly stitched wound. Part of the plot involves Dr. Lynn Denlon(Bahar Soomekh),who is forced into using her skills to keep Jigsaw alive long enough to monitor the progress of new "test subject" Jeff(Angus McFadden)along his murderous maze that will lead him to the man that killed his young son in a drunk driving accident. Jeff's ultimate test is to see if he can give up his thrist for revenge and overindulged grief for his son that has broken up his marriage,life and family.

The big probelm between Amanda and her mentor is one of philosophy;his mini versions of living hell for his victims are meant to teach them the value of appreciating life and to overcome their self imposed limitations. He's kind of a sadistic Dr. Phil in that respect. Amanda,however,has strong doubts concering the ability of people to change their ways(despite her own survival of a Jigsaw test in the first film)and her emotional needs cause her to be even more deadly than the orignal puppet master himself.

While the Saw series might be easily seen as just another goreshow,it is the twisted nature of the characters as well as the gruesome Rube Goldberg like dilemmas that give the films the strong following that they have. Saw III did well this weekend(34 million and counting)and there will probaly be another sequel out in time for next Halloween. The true test for the movie's creators will be to see if they can keep the storyline stable enough to hold their audience in suspended disbelief.

Oh,and if you do dare to check Saw III out for Halloween night,you'll get to see a trailer for Hostel II. Here's the teaser,if you'd rather stay home and snack on all the leftover trick or treat candy instead:

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