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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Top Chef turmoil,the Cho brothers do the right thing on TAR and Anchal of America's Next Top Model

For the past few weeks,I've been watching America's Next Top Model with my Little Sister and while there's plenty of amusement to be found(Tyra just loves to talk,doesn't she?),I'm getting concerned about Anchal. She's a lovely girl with captivating features but she is under the delusion that she's fat(for a model)and other people keep telling her so. In last night's episode,she did a runaway challenge and was told by a woman from Elite that she"needs to tone up."

Look at the photo here on the left(the theme was romance book covers,so all the girls posed with Fabio)-does she look fat to you? I've been a large lady all my life and I know a big girl when I see one! Anchal may not be the "typical" model in figure but certainly there are plenty of high quality designer clothes that she can pose in,either for photos or the runway,and look wonderful. Why must Anchal be made to suffer more insecurities than she already has,due to some insane ideal of the bone thin perfect model? Maybe we need a new judge on this show,like Mo'nique here to tell it like it is:

On a more positive note,props to the Cho brothers from The Amazing Race for helping out David and Mary bigtime. The coalminer couple came in last on an earlier leg of the race and faced a 30 minute penalty if they didn't arrive first at the next pitstop(which could've gotten them knocked out of the competition). A Fast Forward popped up for them(a solo task that,when finished,allows you to skip all the other tasks and head right for the pitstop)and the Chos bluffed the other teams into not trying for it,to give David and Mary a shot at making it to First Place.

David and Mary did it and were spared any risk of elimination for this round. The Chos have been pretty laid back,compared to the other teams,but now those guys are on my radar and I'm rooting for them-go Cho! Peter and Sarah wound up being Philimated and looks like they're not going to be a couple anymore. Good;Peter was acting like a total jerk,not being patient with Sarah(hello,she has an artifical leg that's not working right and you make her do ALL of the climbing challenges?!)and she can do way better than him.

Top Chef is only into it's second episode and we get a big fat stew of controversy,courtesy of Otto. The challenge was for two teams to create either Korean or Vietmanese food to be served at a charity event for about a thousand people. Team Korea started off badly,by their first decision as a group being to make a batch of sangria and get drunk during the menu planning meeting. What is it with chefs and booze?

On their shopping trip(with a budget of $500),Otto slipped in a case of lychees in the car that wasn't paid for and bragged about it to Marissa,who went to judge Tom Colicchio about it. Otto made some lame excuses about the whole thing but returned the lychees to the store. The team's morale was brought down even lower and wound up losing the challenge. To be fair,the dessert that was created by Marissa was a big factor in the failure of Team Korea and she was nearly eliminated for it.

Otto's lychee nabbing was brought up again and after several more attempts to avoid responsibility,Otto took himself out of the competition. I'm glad that in the end,he did the right thing. Team Vietnam was very well organized and Betty was given a special prize of a sashimi knife that's a limited edition. Congrats to Betty and Josie,who both were shining stars on that team.

Random Notes:

Nip/Tuck: Mrs. Grubman was given a nice send-off(loved that whole bit with Christian playing her CD and having a vision of her singing with Burt Bacharach)and Sean's past facial deformity brought some new light onto his character. It was nice to see a good character based episode here. Next week,however,we get back to the current plotlines as Julia gets more intimate with Marlowe,the male nanny and Christian's life winds up in major jep,thanks to Michelle and Jackie Bisset.

Ugly Betty: Glad they didn't take too long in having Justin make a visit to Mode and interesing to see him and Marc bond(maybe that'll be a help in future storylines?). Tonight's episode is a Halloween one,where Betty is tricked into wearing a costume to work but she might be getting a new boyfriend(good!),so it all should balance out.

Veronica Mars: The show's doing well here and glad to see Weevil back(too bad he didn't last long as Keith's assistant)but still miss the original style of the opening credits. Take a look at both and tell me which one is better:

Season Two(similar to Season One):

Season Three:


Pop Culture Diva said...

I feel you on the Anchal issue. America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) gave a great quote where she says that she's sick of hearing that Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria are curvy. she said that's ridiculous because they are thin and that she was a real curvy girl. Amen!

I was bummed that they let A.J. go but I say watch out for CariDee. If Jaeda complains about her short hair one more time, I'll scream. Halle Barry is one of the most gorgeous women alive and she has short hair. Enough! Melrose would be awesome but she looks too old and can be delusional at time. It's not America's Next Cocky/Crazy Model.

lady t said...

I am so with you on Jaeda-who does she think she is,Samson? The short hair looks great on her!

A.J. was cool and Melrose is totally mental-from the clips for next week's show,it looks like Melrose will be picking a fight with Anchal. Maybe our girl will rise to the challenge and knock Miss Crazy down a few notches.