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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Runway ends,Top Chef begins and Heroes soar on the small screen

Jeffrey was not only cleared on the charges that he cheated(the only crime they could pin on him was going over the allowed $8,000 budget and to make that up he dropped some pieces and all the wigs he intended to use for the Fashion Week show)but he won as well! I didn't see that coming.

I was so rooting for Michael-why the judges found his collection to be at all "disappointing",is beyond me. There was certainly more versitility in his line than in all of those evening gowns Laura dreamed up. Uli's line was lovely as well.

Despite all the hoopla,this was a pretty good season of PR and Michael along with Uli should have very bright careers ahead of them. And even tho Jeffrey is still on my bad list(but not by much,after Laura's drive-by accusations),congrats to him.

Top Chef is back,with new hostess Padma Lakshmi and the winner from last season,Harold,appearing as the guest judge for the first challenge which was two teams of five making a dish from mystery ingrediants for the other contestants to taste and pick the best & worst from. Some of the items they given to cook with included snails,peanuts,American cheese,cornflakes,peanut butter and frog's legs.

Too soon to tell if there's a favorite yet but we have a promising jerk,Marcel,to keep things interesting. He looks like Seth Green with anime hair and already sported an attitude when called up before the judges' table on his overly garlic flavored dish,saying that he was chosen by the others to take him down early. Dude,it's the first challenge and unless your dish displayed magical powers,no one's impressed with you yet,if ever.

Heroes is rapidly becoming one of my favorite shows of the season. With smartly written characters,an intriguing mystery about how this group will save NYC from destruction("save the cheerleader,save the world")and kickass scenes like Claire's wake-up call on the autopsy table and Peter encountering a more polished version of Hiro(the true lynchpin of the show)from the future,makes this One to Watch.

I'm even starting to make up superhero names for the characters(someone has to!). To me,Nicki is Doppleganger,Peter is Mimic(I remember a character from the Generation X comics that had a similar ability to use the powers of other mutants without touching them),Issac is The Visionary,Nathan is Flyboy,Hiro is The Timekeeper and Claire..well,I'm torn between Ms. Unbreakable and Bounceback Girl.

Any other fans of the show reading this,please feel free to suggest your own alter ego IDs for our upcoming legion of justice folk.

Random Notes:

Smallville:Speaking of the Justice League,we get our big Green Arrow meets Superman episode tonight. So far,Justin Hartley's been a welcome addition to the show and I just hope that his character arc is on target for the season. Also,more Lex and Lana action as Lex tests her loyalty with the help of Lionel(someone needs a Romance for Dummies book,stat!).

Gilmore Girls: Emily getting busted for using her cell phone in the car(you can afford a hands-free set there,Em,come on!)was classic. I loved the way she glared at the cop when he asked her to use the breathanlyzer;priceless! Glad to see Rory making some new friends instead of moping around after Logan and interesting how Lorelai adores Funny Face,the Hepburn classic that's being used for Gap ads lately. Coincidence?

Nip/Tuck:I ain't saying Michelle is a gold digger but she don't go for no broke,broke! Bad enough that she's an organ stealing ex-call girl but telling Christian how she can't leave Burt but will"take care of things" and then he has a stroke? Burt admitted to taking the Viagara but still,I don't trust that woman as far as I can throw and I throw like a girl.

Christian's using Kimber for a sexual/emotional quickie was cold but atleast he was honest about that,not like Sean lying about being able to donate a kidney to Liz! Not cool,Zeus! Lucky that Dawn Budge was able to come thru(Rosie O'Donnell is fun in this role but not sure I really want to see a DB spin-off series).That ear jacking was brutal-a tip to YouTube uploaders;put that clip on with"Stuck in the middle with you" as the background music and it'll get tons of hits,guranteed. Next week is the return of Mrs. Grubman(alot of season one players popping up this year)and Sean gets ready to operate on Connor.

Ugly Betty: Betty's makeover last week would've given TLC's WNTW Stacy and Clinton nightmares(not to mention Nick and Carmindy)but I do think the jacket wasn't bad. Tonight's show has abit of a Christmas theme as Mode scrambles to redo their holiday photo spread due to another magazine already using the same idea and Justin works on a class project. Can't Betty have another guy interested in her than that bozo from the electronics place? Even Daniel deciding to take a shot there would be better.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. NOT satisfied by PR.

Jake McCafferty said...

I guess I need to watch more TV; I don't think I've ever seen any of those shows except may be Smallville a couple of times on reruns.

I did see a Project Runway or two while on vacation with friends -- who love the show. One of them looks a lot like the black guy (is that Michael?, the one on the left next to the girl), except that unlike the Project Runway contestant, my friend acknowledges he's gay. ;-)

lady t said...

Yes,Jake,that is Michael and it's too bad that he didn't win but his designs will take him far,IMO.

Robin,this was rather a turbulent season but maybe Top Chef will be more clear cut(no pun intended,I swear!).