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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The glory of Lady Gaga

I'm not a big music person(greatest hits albums were created for the likes of me)but I do like listening to tunes by someone who is both crazily creative and actually talented,a combo that's hard to find in any artistic medium.

Lady Gaga wasn't a singer that I warmed up to at first but now,I can't get enough of her. Her brillantly bizarre wardrobe choices,elaborately staged videos and vibrant onstage performances where she takes time out to showcase her true vocal range have made me a full fledged fangirl.

Plus, Gaga(aka Stefani Germanotta)acted like a real lady when she was presented to the Queen of England recently. She not only curtsied but even toned down her stage act upon request from Her Majesty's people. Pretty classy,if you ask me:

It can be easy to dismiss Lady Gaga as yet another flash in the pan shock rock/pop singer but if you look a little deeper beyond the costumes and suggestive dance routines,there is a determined mind set there that wants to dazzle the world with some much needed flair and buoyancy that has a true connection to celebrating the outsider in today's society.

In other words,she owns her weirdness-not as easy as it sounds,folks. You can try to market to the offbeat crowd all you want but they know when they're being catered to and when one of their own is speaking to them loud and clear. Fake wacky never wins out over the real deal and the fact that she's already being goodnaturedly satired shows her time has come,indeed:

Oddly enough,it was hearing her first big hit song being sung by someone else that made me come around to giving Gaga a chance. Chris Daughtry's version of "Poker Face"(written by Gaga and RedOne)proved that her lyrics could have substance and poignancy as well as sly innuendo.

Not every sexy song out there can be turned into a power ballad by a former American Idol contender,which says something to me about the skills of the original artist:

The clincher for me was catching one of her televised performances where she sat down at the piano and played her heart out. Don't get me wrong,not every singer has to be able to play an instrument but after seeing so many pumped up pretty faces gyrating to oversexed lip syncing for the past few years,having a glitzed up gal just hitting the ivories and showing her inner passions thru song is extremely refreshing:

Yes,she can be over the top at times,which is an essential part of her charm,and perhaps not quite PG rated enough to suit the musical requirements of your next formal gathering but a little bit of Gaga goes a long way there,folks. Not many faces on the music scene can say that and actually live up to the hype. So,let's just dance and enjoy the ride on this disco stick because goodness knows,we need any good excuse to shake and shimmy off the stress these days. Thanks,Lady Gaga,for giving us a funky new beat to party with:

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Ladytink_534 said...

Oh I didn't like her at first either but she really grew on me. I like Poker Face but Daughtry's cover is amazing.

She's not quite right but I sure do like her. With a voice like that she can dress as crazy as she wants to be (Elton John anyone?).

Loved this post!