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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top Chef Las Vegas reunion and what's coming up after New Year's on TV

No season of Top Chef is complete without the reunion show to wrap things up. This one was as civil as the series,with some good natured laughs at behind the scenes antics,profiled looks at stand out chefs such as Jen,Mikey I. and Ron,plus a visit from the mother of the Brothers Voltaggio,who "pleaded the fifth" when asked which one of her boys she was rooting for. Smart move,ma'am. She did tell everyone that her family planned to give whichever brother that didn't win one of their cars,so Byran now has a '79 Corvette as a consolation prize-sweet!

Kevin was kidded about his meal with Joel Robuchon and the language barrier between them in a clip reel. Kevin also talked about how close he came to quitting after his team lost Restaurant Wars(glad he stayed on there). Other topics of discussion included how Robin's talkative nature irked a lot of people and the bad behavior she recieved because of that. She really seemed to take the whole thing in stride and I believe Robin when she said that being straight forward with her about it was something that she respected.

It turns out that Eli hadn't apologized to her about that catty cancer remark he made after her Quickfire win and he did so right then and there. That was about as sincere as a six dollar bill,but letting it go is the best remedy here.

The Fan Favorite for this TC season will be announced tonight on Bravo's Watch What Happens and my money is on Kevin to take the ten grand home. I don't know when a new season of Top Chef will be on but hopefully,it will be as much fun for the viewers as this one was for the chefs to experience:

Since a number of shows are taking a winter break,so will my regular TV Thursday posts on this blog. However,I am keeping an eye for newer series and my favorites to return,so if any of these programs are Must Sees for you,here's a quick rundown of return dates to mark on your DVR:

LEGEND OF THE SEEKER: More of Season Two will be on a syndicated station near you by the weekend of January 9. Richard,Kahlan and the gang are still in hot pursuit of the Stone of Tears in order to keep the Underworld from destroying humanity but a major obstacle in their path will be an all too familiar face-Denna,the ultimate Mord Sith is back wearing white,no less,but that doesn't mean she's one of the good guys:

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES:Despite the cliffhanger ending of the last new episode,Elena will be back for another bite on January 14,along with the Salvatore brothers and it looks as if the notion of a threesome is starting to have some appeal to her. Also,Bonnie's witchy ancestry and Elena's striking resemblance to magically trapped vampiress Katherine will spark up a few interesting flares of plot tension:

PROJECT RUNWAY: Also debuting on January 14 is the seventh season of PR on Lifetime,which should be free of the new setting shakes that plagued Season Six. I know that I haven't been talking about the show lately(due to it's Thursday night time slot)but one of my New Year's resolutions will be to remedy that next year.

The odds are in our favor for a better season,with the show returning to New York and all of the regular judges(particularly Nina Garcia and Michael Kors) on deck to keep the catwalk on an even keel:

AMERICAN IDOL: The big magilla for the midwinter season(other than the Olympics) will be AI,which premieres on January 12th. Special celebrity judges will include Avril LaVigne and Dr. Horrible himself,Neil Patrick Harris and yes,Virginia,there will be bad singing at the auditions to gleefully chuckle over.

Of course,the big question is going to be how will Ellen Degeneres fit into that now empty Paula chair at the judges' table? My advice to her is to watch out for Kara;in her mind,it's probably one down and two to go:

RANDOM NOTES:There's a SNL Christmas special set to air tonight and while I haven't watched the show in years,this little holiday medley deserves to be one of the highlights(you gotta love the sweaters these guys dared to wear on live TV):

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