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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's heading to the movie trailer park for 2010?

As the holiday movie season reaches it's peak,more and more sneak peeks at what to expect in theaters next year are appearing fast and furiously. Some of these flicks look like more of the same that we've getting lately from Hollywood while other show some promise of better things to come.

To whet our cinematic appetites,let's look at a handful of these trailers that are in current rotation to see if we can spot a winner or smell out a stinker before anyone puts their money down at the box office window. With the tight budgets most of us are dealing with these days,it's best to plan your entertainment spending ahead:


Amy Adams is our leading lady for this fanciful little romance that has her desperate to be married yuppie gal rushing off to Dublin in order to take advantage of an old Irish tradition of women being allowed to propose marriage on February 29(real forward feminism movement being put on display here,folks!)and get her steady guy onboard the commitment train.

Along the way,she enlists the help of a local man(Matthew Goode)to get her to town on time and naturally,they fall in love. I suppose this is a decent enough date movie,but why is it that Hollywood persists in releasing dippy rom-coms during the midwinter season? Is it a mandate that talented actresses like Amy Adams have to do at least one incredibly obvious-what's-going-to-happen movie instead of something better? Perhaps,I'm being too picky but this just sounds like a decent rental instead of a night out at the multiplex(January):

THE RUNAWAYS: Now this is some girl power I'd like to see more of onscreen. This biopic of the seventies girl band has Twilight's Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett with her New Moon co-star Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie,the lead singer whose book about her time as a teen rock star is the basis of the film. The rock n' roll rise and fall story is usually reserved for the fellas,so seeing how these ladies handled the stress of success should be worth a look-see,especially for music fans(March):

CLASH OF THE TITANS:Even tho I am tired of the endless trend of remakes coming from the studios over the past several years,I have to say that upon checking out the trailer for the new version of Clash of the Titans that the movie doesn't look half bad. In fact,it looks pretty damn cool.

As much as I appreciate the Ray Harryhausen effects from the 1981 original,that movie was pure Velveeta on toast,folks. This new version does have plenty of cheddar to offer but with a little more kick to it. Don't hold your breath but "Release the Kraken!" may become a fresh new catchphrase by next spring(March):

ROBIN HOOD:Another movie about the leader of the Merry Men who robbed from the rich to give to the poor would be most welcome during the hard financial times we're facing right now. However,this film feels more akin to the likes of 300 and Gladiator,which is not too surprising since Ridley Scott is the director with Russell Crowe as the legendary outlaw.

Nothing wrong with taking a more realistic approach to the material,yet it would be nice to see a Robin Hood styled in the Errol Flynn fashion-one that used his wits as well as his fists to bring justice to the oppressed. I swear,you wouldn't even know this was a Robin Hood movie from the trailer here until the title pops up at the end(May):

IRON MAN 2: The return of Tony Stark and his ultimate power suit is one of the highly anticipated big action movies for the start of 2010's summer season and this sequel seems to be another check in the win column for Marvel.

Not only does Robert Downey Jr. come back for seconds,he gets a more formidable foe this go-round,with Mickey Rourke's Whiplash ready and willing to take him down for the count.

Even with Don Cheadle taking over for Terrence Howard as the man who becomes War Machine(maybe you should've waited for the third movie to start fussing about the money,Terrence-just saying!),having most of the original cast and crew is a good sign. Plus,Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury,Agent of Shield,is quite the cherry ontop of this superhero sundae(May):

Well,those are my best guesses for now. Stay tuned,movie lovers and we'll see if the big boys and girls of Hollywood can serve us up something substantial as well as amusing when the warm weather comes back. I do hope that DC does catch up to Marvel in the hit film sweepstakes,even if they feel that sharing Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern with the chance of him headlining a possible Deadpool spin-off to Wolverine is the way to go. It might not be such a great loss if he gave up either one of those parts,if you ask me:

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Ladytink_534 said...

I tend to only watch romantic comedys on DVD since they are almost always the same. I do plan on seeing Clash of the Titans and Runaway though.