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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spike TV's Scream Awards and conspiracies abound on South Park & Project Runway

After watching Part I of the Project Runway finale,I have no choice but to defend Jeffrey on the charges from Laura about having outside help in completing his collection for Fashion Week. Yes, he is very unlikable and while I still think he should've treated many people better than he has during the show,the accusation against him really seemed unfounded.

The Final Four had two months to prepare their work and as we saw during Tim Gunn's visits to all of them,Jeffrey's workplace was several miles away from his home while Laura's was in an apartment with five kids running underfoot. Plus,the fact that Jeffrey only has the one kid with his ladyfriend and as he said himself,he's normally a slow sewer on his own. Who the blue hell is Laura to be all Nancy Drew about why he didn't have as much finish up work to do as she and the others did?

It was clearly obvious that Laura had it in for him as soon as the FF regrouped before Fashion Week-she refused to greet him when he arrived and kept making those snide remarks about Jeffrey every chance she got. Look,many of us have had to work with people we don't like or even despise but there's a difference between dealing with bad behavior and looking for(or in this case,instigating)it to happen.

Laura roped in Michael and Uli(who were both honest about having their own suspicions)and the three of them really should have talked it over with Jeffrey before going to Tim Gunn first. I think Kayne was very prescient a few shows back when Laura condescendly told him that she was "worried" about his style choices and he shot back with"Well,I worry about your character and that's alot worse."

South Park dealt with 9/11 conspiracy theorists and a nifty Hardy Boys parody on last night's episode. Pretty funny(particularly with Mr. Mackey's obsession over who incorrectly used the boys' room urinal)and sure to generate some negative feedback. Cartman's little song about searching for the truth"Why do I need facts/for my logic?" was one of the highpoints. So far,this season is hitting it's targets with deadly accuracy-keep it up,fellas!

I caught Spike TV's Scream Awards on a replay and was I glad I did,if only for the clips from Grindhouse(loved it when Robert Rodriquez declared "Fuck the Oscars!")and the clippage from Saw III. The catagories were a mixed bag of horror,sci-fi and comic books which gave me some doubts but it all blended together well. If you're interested in who won,please click the title link above. If you want to see the Grindhouse trailer,look no further,friends!

Random Notes:

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I have to say that this show is beginning to bore me. The insider/behind the scenes stuff is not very compelling,the skits on the show-within-the-show are not very funny and I'm already tired of the whole Matt/Harry will they,won't they love story. You know a show's in trouble when the book you're reading during the commericals is more compelling than what's onscreen.

Gilmore Girls: Richard and Emily finally showed up and it truly feels like the show is starting to flow. Loved how vicious Paris is toward her SAT tutors and students and that Rory used some Henry Miller for some sexy texting to Logan. Oh,and those Aerie ads that have a bunch of dippy girls chatting about GG while hanging out in a clothing store? Please stop,before I damage my TV by trying to smack them.

Nip/Tuck: Sean seems to be going crazy,talking to people who aren't there and coming real close to doing in Crazy Monica(lucky for him that Final Destination bus mowed her down when it did). Speaking of crazy,Christian's shrink really screwed him over by letting Burt in on his affair with Michelle. Also,that whole backtat thing kept reminding me of The Importance of Being Earnest(the Colin Firth version)and I bet plenty of folks would love to have "Property of Christian Troy" as their tramp stamp. Next week,Rosie O'Donnell returns but keeps her panties on as Sean grows a new ear for her on the back of a mouse(so not kidding about that).

Smallville: Green Arrow makes more of an appearance tonight and catches the eye of Lois Lane. Looks like another love triangle in the works! Poor Clark,he needs somebody to love or atleast date for awhile.


Pop Culture Diva said...

Karma is a bitch. At least that is Jeffrey's lesson to learn. I agree that her accusations came out of nowhere but he had everything done. He just sat there staring at everyone while they did their last minute alterations. I give Laura credit for telling him to his face what she did but she could have told him first. His reaction was very subdued for what just happened and there seemed to be some delay in getting his receipts together. They might get him on some technicality. I can't wait to see the last part. I wish they had just done it in a 2 hour finale.

lady t said...

I agree that Jeffrey does have quite a load of bad karma but on the other hand,Laura's accusations sounded like the snipings of a high schooler who was jealous that the kid next to her had finished his test ahead of the rest of the class.

A two hour finale would've been sweet but Part II next week will be followed up by the second season premiere of Top Chef.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just finished watching the tape of PR, and I totally agree with you about Laura, LT. And from the looks of the preview for next week, they're actually going to throw Jeffrey off. Maybe I'm wrong, but it sure looked like it.

On the other hand, I agree with PCD that Jeffrey's reaction was awfully subdued in light of the accusation and compared to what we've seen from him this season. So maybe the accusation is true.

Can you tell I'm a Libra?

I guess all I can say is I hope he didn't cheat because that's just so boring. People should get in there and duke it out on the merits. Honest, harried, creative work is so much more fun to watch than intrigue over who's sneaking around the rules.

All will be revealed . . .