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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Top Chef Reunion,Hell's Kitchen gets a real mother of a luncheon and Design Star's first (real) challenge

So,to wrap up this season of Top Chef,we had our reunion special that was complete with montages,viewer questions and former enemies making nice(Lisa and Dale for starters).

The only one not able to attend in person was Richard,due to his wife about to give birth at any moment. He did make an appearance via satellite and spoke about his "choking" comments during the Finale(I still think he was brave to do that). As a lovely parting gift,the Bravo producers presented him with a special TC onesie for his soon to be born daughter-awww! Richard jokingly asked,"Is there one available in my size?" Funny,but not as funny as his confirmation that Dale's nipples are sexy(weird montage bit).

Speaking of weird,Andrew is now immortalized in Top Chef gear as his infamous comment,"I have a culinary boner" will now be on an official TC t-shirt. I still prefer Season one's Dave's shirt"I'm not your bitch,bitch!" as a memorable line,especially since it can be used for any occasion and not just for food moments. Then again,that's just how I roll(in my own mind,of course).

The big deal about these reunions is finding out who is the winner of the Fan Favorite award(the FF gets ten grand,nice!)and another TC first,the winner of the Fan Favorite was Stephanie,the official S4 champ! Stephanie was asked if she wanted to be thought of as the first woman to win the show or as another great chef. She preferred the latter(which is why she rocks). Congrats again,Stephanie!

Next week,I'll be tuning back to Bravo as Season 2 of Shear Genius starts up. Looks like it will be quite a hair raising session:

On Hell's Kitchen,Ramsey told the Final Foursome that they had to make eighty portions of a lunch menu item of their own creation to serve a mystery group of finicky eaters-a real "mother" of a challenge. Jen was hoping for celebrities to show up like Beyonce and Fifty Cent(wrong network,hon)but instead she and the others had to feed a bunch of expectant mothers.

Jen wound up in last place,for her spicy grouper fish and Corey trailed not too far behind her(mainly due to her not having all of her plates ready on time and keeping some of the ladies waiting). It was very close for first place but Christina managed to beat Petrozza for the win. That miffed Jen and Corey to no end,especially since the prize was a shopping spree in Beverly Hills:

What killed me was Jen's insistence that she could've chosen better clothes(Jen,from one big girl to another,you know damn well that nothing in that store Christina and Ramsey went to would've fit you,okay? Call the waiter for your reality check,please!)and Corey's backhanded sneering at Christina's purchases.

Jen's bad attitude got worse during dinner service,as Corey needed her to cook some eggs for her aps but Jen insisted on taking care of one risotto instead. Christina jumped in to help but only until Ramsey took notice did Jen make those eggs. Petrozza was called out for his sloppy ways but his food was so good that Ramsey had to give him props for it:

In the end,Jen was sent home(finally!)since everyone else was determined to put her up for elimination and she did screw up yet again on service. Christina might've been called up due to burning Ramsey's hand by leaving hot pot handles out for him but Corey insisted on going up instead. If I were Christina and Petrozza,I'd be watching out for Corey;she's a real two-face:

Hey,that "build your house" challenge on Designstar? Turns out it was all a joke-very funny,HGTV! Instead,the contestants were taken to the place they were actually going to stay in and given the traditional"design the rooms of your new home" beginning challenge.

A lot of good and bad work was done,particularly in one of the bedrooms where a cool four poster bed set was created. The living room/sun room design had quite a bit of struggle from Tracee,who tried to boss everyone around and then quickly threw her team mates under the bus the first chance she got. Looks like she's going to be the big trouble maker this season:


THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR: This week,the chefs had to make their own product and sell it to prominent food buyers and surprise guest Martha Stewart. Watching Martha Stewart eat a Sloppy Joe with a fork was damn funny and as much as Lisa and Kelsey adore Martha,I'm so not impressed with her. Wonder if Martha was that delicate with her dining habits in prison?

Anyway,Jeffrey wound up going home,for his less than soulful seasoning salt. He seemed like a nice enough guy,just a little too laid back for TV:

KITCHEN NIGHTMARES: Another season of Gordon Ramsey's restaurant makeover show will be back this fall and I can hardly wait to see more of those sparks and swears fly:

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