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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The two left standing in Hell's Kitchen,Design Star does some ghost busting and where to find some George Carlin tributes on TV

Christina made a good start during the Final Three challenge on Hell's Kitchen this week. The chefs had a meal specially prepared for them and their family members by Ramsey and were supposed to recreate the dish by taste.

Corey aced the sweet taste in the sauce but alas,she used the wrong meat(bison-it was venison). Petrozza came up short again(he forgot to make a puree),so Christina won yet again and got a sightseeing tour with her folks,plus lunch with Ramsey as a reward.

The hard part was yet to come,as each chef would have to take over the kitchen during dinner service to show Ramsey their leadership skills. To get them ready, he gave each of them a little prep talk:

As is usual for this part of the competition,the sous chefs added some bits of sabotage to test the quality control standards of the competitors.

Christina was the only one to catch on to the mistake given to her(wrong herb in the mashed potatoes) while Corey and Petrozza missed out on theirs(wrong sauce for the meat,Corey,missing ingredient in the risotto,Petrozza). Petrozza also had extra trouble as Christina went thru a bad patch on the fish station:

Despite the hectic nature of the service,things did go well and each of the three had to name someone for elimination. Petrozza picked Christina(mainly due to the problems she had on the fish station)and so did Corey(wow,what a shocker...NOT). Christina chose Corey for her weak leadership skills(Corey did a lousy job running the kitchen)and Ramsey agreed with her.

So,it's Petrozza and Christina going head to head in the finale next week,nice! Who would've thought Hen in a Pumpkin Guy and Newbie Girl would make it this far? It should be quite a showdown,since several former team mates will come back to help the finalists and two of them are Matt and Jen-oh,boy!:

The challenge on Design Star this week was for teams of two to redecorate four living rooms in a historic mansion that was supposed to be haunted,making the designs modern and using items that each person selected from a "yard sale" in the room in a creative way.

Some folks did better than others in incorporating their yard sale piece-Stephanie's pink flamingo stand up became three different items in the room while D. Paul's bow and arrow was a last minute sculpture(he got overwhelmed with a crown molding project).

D. Paul was sent home but Tracee really deserved to leave;she caused nothing but trouble(again!) and didn't even try to do anything with her piece of carnival glass compote dish. :

Kelsey had a great week on The Next Food Network Star as she not only won the opening challenge,which was a demonstration video,but aced the Iron Chef style main challenge which was to make two fish dishes for the local Coast Guard to taste. One of the dishes had to use an unusual item in it,with such choices as cola,white chocolate,fruit flavored cereal and grape jelly.

Kelsey chose white chocolate and she's starting to learn how to tone down her overly excitable personality,which pleased the judges greatly. Lisa also improved herself by letting down her guard after a mishap in the kitchen-good going,Cordy! In the end,Nipa was sent packing due to her giggle fit during her prep video and her abhorrence of seafood that lead to a pair of lackluster plates:


Afraid I'll have to talk about Shear Genius next week since I skipped the season opener to watch another genius at work,the late George Carlin on HBO. Last night,HBO2 showed several of Carlin's early specials for the network and will continue tonight with the rest of his more recent shows. The main HBO channel will broadcast Carlin's final special,"It's Bad For Ya" this Friday night.

For those of you who don't have HBO,don't despair;NBC will be honoring his memory by rebroadcasting Saturday Night Live's 1975 premiere episode that Carlin hosted. He mostly performed about three monologues,which should be fun to revisit,and it's a nice bit of pop culture history to introduce the younger generations to:

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Ladytink_534 said...

I'm surprised that Corey went home but I'm happy for Christina! I didn't watch Design Star again, but I did catch a little bit of The Next Food Network Star.