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Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Fashion Show loses some of their flair,True Blood and more Next Food Network Star follies

I've been watching Bravo's The Fashion Show for a while now and even tho it's definitely not in the same league as Project Runaway,there are plenty of amusing and annoying fashionistas assembled here to create enough drama for several soap opera seasons.

One of the more entertaining contestants was Merlin,who wound up going home last night after his tarot card inspired outfit for the challenge failed to deliver. His designs have been a tad extreme and sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't. A clear sign that things weren't going to go his way this time was that the card he picked during the reading had a very different meaning for him that what the psychic actually told him:

Despite his overconfident weirdness,I'm sorry to see Merlin go. He was the kind of guy who you'll never know what he will do next,which makes competition shows like this fun to watch:

Since Top Chef Masters took a break this week(they'll be back next Wednesday),my foodie TV fix came solely from The Next Food Network Star. Melissa did very well this round,acing the main challenge of making a regional dish for returning members of the military onboard the USS Intrepid.

Her burger for the warm-up challenge was a contender there,too,but I'm glad that Michael won that one(he needs to work on his on camera presentation skills,seriously).

Teddy was sent home,due to his lackluster presentation at the Intrepid dinner,which was fine with me since he should've been packing last week for trying to hog the credit on the meatloaf dish from Debbie.

The chopping block was pretty full,with Jeffrey and Jamika both having dive bombed on their dishes(hopefully,that was just a one time glitch) and Katie serving up raw,uncooked meat AGAIN! If I was taking bets on who was due to leave next,the safe money would be on her,folks:

On True Blood,the good news is that Lafayette survived his fang attack from Eric and company and is now out of the basement dungeon,thanks to Sookie. She found out about his imprisonment while recovering from a mysterious creature assault in the woods(which helped to patch things up between her and Bill)and used her moxie to negotiate with Eric for his release:

The only bad news here is that Lafayette isn't a vampire,which would be cool but I don't think that possibility is completely off the table. Meanwhile,Jessica is still in need of supernatural supervision as she picks up Hoyt from Merlotte's and takes him home for a make out session on the couch. In a strange way,Hoyt might actually be good for her-he's very accepting of who and what she is,plus she was willing to clue him in about her living dead status right off the bat(a good sign there):

The next new episode of True Blood will be aired on July 12(they're taking the Fourth of July off,giving fans a mini-thon of the first three S2 shows)but it looks like our wait will be well worth it.

Some of the highlights to come include Tara trying to break free of Maryann(good for her,that woman is up to something bad),Sookie getting ready to go to Dallas,Jason getting in over his head with the Fellowship of the Sun folks and Eric not being done yet with haunting Lafayette(who should be made immortal for his troubles,in my opinion):


MORE TO LOVE: I tend to avoid TV dating shows like the plague but it may be hard to turn a blind eye away from this upcoming reality series that intends to find a mate for a group of plus sized ladies. The intentions are meant to be in the right place,but I think I'd rather be in the wrong zip code here. You decide,folks:

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